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Louie Giglio on the Glory of God, Leadership Burnout and His Biggest Comeback Yet

Louie Giglio is the pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and founder of Passion Conferences. He is a dynamic and effective communicator, and passionate about the glory of God. He and his wife, Shelley, live in Atlanta.

Big Questions:

Tell us the “how” and “why” behind Passion Movement?

How do you change your focus to the glory of God?

What’s your biggest comeback moment in life?

Quotes from Louie Giglio:

Our real core, now and then, was an idea that the greatest value in life is God and His glory. And the greatest thing we can do with our lives is to leverage them for God and for His glory.

God doesn’t exist for me, I exist for God.

I had an awakening … From that moment on, in every page of scripture that I looked at, I was staring straight at a story of God’s glory.

When I look back at my life at the shaping moments in my life, there were people with skin on that God was using to amplify His Word to me.

All of eternity angles toward and bends toward the glory of God. And that’s every story. It’s the heart of scripture and now it gives me my ultimate meaning.

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