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Jemar Tisby on Grove City College, CRT, and His Struggles With White Evangelicalism

“I want people to see that oftentimes the most problematic and clear issues of racism are differences in degree, not in kind.”

“What I hope is that white evangelicals will see more of the institutional and systemic manifestations of racism and not just the individual and the interpersonal manifestations of racism. That is to say that racism has a personal dimension, does talk about how an individual expresses racial bias toward another individual, but that’s not all that racism expresses itself in the way we do life in this country.”

“What I want folks to understand is we do have to change policies. And I’m not even just talking on a federal level. I’m talking about our Christian schools and universities and nonprofits.”

“Tell the truth. Go speak the truth in love. The Bible said that the Word is sharper than any two-edged sword. It says that the truth will divide. And I think that’s what’s happening right now, such that when you mention either certain individuals or certain ideas around race, racism, racial justice, there is a division, but perhaps there’s a necessary division. Perhaps there’s a pruning.”

“What I would encourage pastors to do is walk in a manner worthy of your calling, the foundation of which is to speak the truth in love. Why? In that passage, so that the body may grow.”

“If speaking the truth about racism is indeed righteous, which I believe it is, then blessed are you when you are persecuted for speaking that truth.”

“Whether you look at U.S. history or the Bible, people who stood up for truth had a tough road in this life. Are you willing to walk that road if it means following Jesus?”

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