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5 Places to Find New Group Members

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Need more people in your small group? Not sure where to find them? Surely, not everyone’s already in a group in your church? Where are they hiding? How can you find them? Don’t worry, sometimes Christians hide, and that’s ok, but we don’t want them to stay hidden. Other times, they’re looking for you too. Here are 5 places you can find new group members.

Don’t know anyone or where to find people to invite? Here are five places (actually, more) you can find people to invite.

5 Places to Find New Group Members

#1 – Sunday Service

Before the service, after the service, in between services (if you have multiple services), coffee bar, Kids/Preschool check-in areas, student ministry entrance area, or sit in the same seating section for the worship service. Most are creatures of habit. Church folks are quite ritualistic about their seats. They traditionally will go back to the same seat or section out of familiarity. You will likely find them there the next week and can get to know them, talk to them, and invite them to your group.

#2 – Your Neighborhood

Next door, down the street, or across the way, people who don’t attend church and don’t belong to a group are likely living in your neighborhood. Every day you may cross paths with your neighbors for various organic reasons. Invite them to your small group. If you think they’ll feel uncomfortable in a bible study setting, host a casual social gathering with your group they can attend first. If your small group meets in your home, as a courtesy, you can write up a letter explaining extra cars will be parked out front of your home every _____ day your group gathers and that they are invited to join your group.

#3 – Your Workplace

Where do you spend most of your time in life . . . . ? Sleeping . . . Ok, maybe not everyone sleeps as much as others. Your workplace is where you spend the most time of your week. Depending upon your occupation, you may rub shoulders with dozens of people for hours every day, five days a week. Opportunities to ask meaningful questions, develop relationships, and cultivate friendships build bridges to invite coworkers to your small group. Don’t overlook this opportune place to invite coworkers. They need God, and God’s people to discuss God’s Word so they may be filled with God’s Spirit.