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Do Good to All People – It’s God’s Will!

“All People”

When we think about it, this really makes us wildly uncomfortable. Why? Because all means all. It’s inclusive and we hate that word. All excludes no one. Period. There is no excuse for not doing good to all people. Yes, it includes your friends, family, neighbors, those you know and love. But it also includes those you don’t like. Those you downright hate. Those who’ve hurt you and your family. Those who’ve thrown around vicious lies and hateful false reports. They’ve misquoted you. They’ve destroyed your reputation.

Some friends once asked me to help out in a soup kitchen. I decided to go because I like to do good, I like cooking, and I’m skilled at it. I thought that I could make a meaningful contribution while helping my friends. It was fun and oh so much more. Yes, I enjoyed the cooking, the hard work, and being with the community of my friends. But the unexpected joy and thrill came in meeting the people that came for food. More than seeing and smelling them, listening to them really touched something deep inside.

It made me think of my grandparents that immigrated as young teens. They came with the clothes on their backs and a slip of paper in their pocket with the name and address of someone they never met. It humbled and rewarded me in ways that’ll never leave me.

When does it say that living for Jesus was going to be easy? What’s the Bible reference that says our decisions are going to be simple and always turn out to bless us with wallets full of money, food on the table, and immediate defeat for all our enemies? I’m still looking for that verse.

God’s in the business of giving us opportunities. What are you going to do with the next one? And the one after that? And the one after that?



This article on how to do good originally appeared here, and is used by permission.