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Connect With Your Small Group Via Energized Email

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Your number one way of communicating with your small group leadership and members is through energized email. Invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965, email has exploded in use and distribution. Everyone has it, can navigate it, and they use it. And texting is just an arbitrarily shortened form of email.

Whenever you first started using email, what have you done recently to improve your emailing abilities? Getting an email out quickly might make you feel productive, but it can create misinformation, confusion, and additional work if not done properly.

Creating a good email is not accidental, it’s intentional. It takes practice, work, re-work, drafting, redrafting.

Here are the five top tips to tackle, turning ordinary email into energized email.

5 Tips for Energized Email


Tip 1 – Single Goal

Craft your email with a single goal. If it gets too long or complicated, remember the words of Miss. Birdy to Rudy Baylor in the movie, The Rainmaker, “Cut, cut, cut(1).” Shorter is always, always, always better.

Tip 2 – Short Subjects

The title or subject of emails needs to be short. They are easier to understand and seen on cell phones. Since cell phone email displays around 30 characters, get the meat, if not all, of your subject across quickly.