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An Invitation to Belong: Seeker Small Groups

When seeker small groups fail, what are the primary factors?

Chae: They’re either not relational or welcoming enough, or not challenging enough. If you throw “fluffy” questions at someone who wants the hard questions of life answered, they’re not going to come back. Also, I’d say lack of organization, starting or ending late and an inability to be creative contribute to failure.

PooleI define a seeker small group as one in which the seekers outnumber the Christians. Sometimes, groups don’t work because leaders invite other Christians who have not been properly trained in how these groups work. A Christian jumps in with an answer or starts preaching an answer.

Chae: If you ask, “How many people are believers?” you’re going to suck the life out of that group. The reality is God is reaching out to everyone.


This article on seeker small groups was written by Rebecca Barnes

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