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20 Truths From ‘Grace Ambassador: Bringing Heaven on Earth’

Grace Ambassador: Bringing Heaven on Earth

My friend John Jackson has a new book out. Titled “Grace Ambassador: Bringing Heaven on Earth,” in it John explores how we, as citizens of the kingdom, represent Jesus and his kingdom well, and he gives us some clarity and direction.

I care about the content of this book so deeply that I wrote the foreword. I also asked for permission to publish some key quotes from the book in my 20 Truths Series. Read them below.

20 Truths From ‘Grace Ambassador: Bringing Heaven on Earth’

Chapter 1

“In our present age, the words we use have created a world that is neither what we say we believe in, nor what we have to offer the people we know, love and spend time with—and even those with whom we disagree[…]. We must shift the narrative of our words and behaviors to align with the expressed will of the Father.” (p. 19)

“The first Reformation produced a cultural shift of seismic proportions on the planet. The 1500s through the 1600s produced massive intellectual, cultural and economic changes that continue to affect the world hundreds of years later. Shifts in the distribution of knowledge, patterns of governance and populist movements—often messy and venturing into uncharted waters—spread across Europe, and eventually across the globe, changing the course of history.” (p. 20)

“The Body of Christ has experienced one Reformation, but the world has lost its bearings and is in desperate need of a second Reformation. You, my precious reader, are the key to the revival that is in the heart of God for this hour.” (p. 21)

“But although glorious ministry has come these past five hundred years, the Church today has demonstrated by our behavior that we do not fundamentally believe in the Rather, we practice a big view of grace received and a small view of grace distributed.” (p. 23–24)

“The first Reformation changed Western culture and provided the seedbed for the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment […]. The second Reformation will bring about even greater societal transformation as followers of Jesus are activated in love, grace, redemptive presence and dynamic Kingdom witness to the good news of the presence of Jesus for men and women longing for hope and meaning in life.” (p. 25)

Chapter 2

“But the Bride of Christ was never meant to be a retiring and reticent creature of comfort. Bringing heaven to earth is the work of His love and grace for the planet. The Church is to be strategic, forward‑leaning and fully engaged.” (p. 31)

“[The sacred/secular divide] accepts the notion that human existence is divided into two spheres. The sphere of church and religious activity is sacred, and everything else is secular. This view has allowed many in the Church to pursue religious affection (or at least religious activity) divorced from cultural engagement.” (p. 36)

“I contend that God is calling for a second Reformation in which we actually live out the Great Commission and disciple nations in every sphere of society. How? By learning to bring heaven to earth and being distributors of grace as heavenly ambassadors.” (p. 38)

Chapter 3

“We have given birth to many spiritual babies. But we have grown fewer sons and daughters, and even fewer fathers and mothers who can shepherd their flock to maturity.” (p. 50)

Chapter 4

“The gathering of the Church is not to be a spectator arena for a Christian entertainment event, but an equipping center for the distribution of the Gospel into the world.” (p. 58)