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5 Ways To Boost Peace Through Prayer

Centering Prayer
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Can you remember a time when you felt at peace?

With the world experiencing chaos at any given minute and church numbers in flux each month, it can be challenging to find a moment of calm in the middle of it all.

Many ministry leaders have chatter on replay in their minds. The noise will come from random thoughts, conversations with God in prayer, or the information overload from the world.

What if there was a simple way to quiet your mind regardless of circumstance? What if the blueprint of peace was a specific type of prayer?

Throughout time many would describe prayer as a conversation with God. We usually begin with a greeting, followed by telling him about what’s on our heart, and eventually wrapping it up with an “Amen.”

While this well-known prayer method is essential, there is another type of prayer that will benefit your emotional health and overall well-being. The ancient Christian prayer practice, centering prayer, is about quieting the mind and body to place undivided attention on God.

What Does Centering Prayer Look Like in Modern Times?

Centering prayer is meditation before the Lord. It is an opportunity to slow your breathing, clear your thoughts, and intentionally create a space for silence.

Here are five ways to help get you started with centering prayer:

Better Breathing: Take time to practice breathing fully and completely. You might try inhaling for a count of four, pausing, then exhaling for a count of seven. The exhale will activate your body’s calming system.

One Word: Add a sacred word to your breath. Your word can change daily and will help you anchor your mind on God.

Pair Up: Centering prayer can become a rich experience when practiced with others. If you are new to centering prayer, invite a friend to join you in learning more about it.

Journal: Jesus promises us peace, and often, our fears get in the way. Notice what fears emerge as you practice, and instead of judging yourself for them, release them to the one who loves you best.

Don’t Give Up: Centering prayer will develop over time. It will become easier to unwind in perfect peace through prayer when you allow yourself time to practice.

When you schedule time to meet up with God for centering prayer, the peace that passes all understanding will find you. God is already waiting, ready to lift your fears, and overwhelm you with his unfailing love.

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