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5 Signs You’re Part of an Unhealthy Church

Unfortunately, I have seen churches that had no mission and absolutely no vision, and Scripture is 100 percent correct; the people did perish. If you don’t know what the mission and vision is of your church, chances are you are in an unhealthy church.

Additionally, if your church has a mission and vision statement, but you don’t see the mission and vision being executed within the church’s setup and organizational structure, programs and/or ministries that are offered, you are probably in an unhealthy church.

2. Leadership Can Never Be Challenged.

If you are part of a church where leadership can never be questioned or challenged, run!

I have witnessed this, and I can tell you this will not end very well.

Please remember, church leaders are there to cast vision and to steer the church in the direction to which God is leading. Church leaders are not and should not be dictators.

What I mean is this: Members should never fear asking a question against a proposed idea or direction from leadership in the church.

With that being said, there should also be a level of respect given when challenging church leadership. The key is to be concerned, not confrontational.

Ultimately, you should be able to ask questions regarding where your church is headed without feeling fearful of church leadership.