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6 Common Misconceptions About God’s Will

3. Ministry jobs are a higher calling than secular jobs.

Truth: God needs bankers and lawyers and church workers and missionaries to build His diverse Kingdom.

I left full-time Christian work for the business world. Each of us is required to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly” with God.

And do whatever we can to make sure our peers, coworkers and those around us know the God who sent His Son. FOR THEIR FREEDOM.

4. You need to figure out exactly which career God has for you before taking a job.

NO! Getting a job—any job—will help you in your quest to find the right job.

Also, it’s OK if you take a job in your 20s and you decide two years later that it isn’t the life for you. I don’t think you would feel as guilty if you didn’t have Christians running around saying, “But I thought ____________ was your calling?”

God leads us down many different paths (I was a missionary and now I’m in publishing), especially if you consider the lives of many biblical giants.

Side note: I highly recommend working before going back to school because it will help you clarify your job path.

5. There is no turning back after not following God’s leading and making a wrong decision.

Not true! Read Recalculating and God’s Plans if you are struggling with this mindset.

6. Making a high salary is dangerous.

We know the verse about rich men entering the Kingdom of God. We know the love of money is the root of all evil.

But here’s the truth: If you love money and chase after it with clinching fists, it doesn’t matter if you have little or much, your misplaced desires will destroy you, not the money itself. I will always be thankful for those with plenty because their generosity made my years in China possible.

You are free to pursue a job with a high salary! And if Christians look down on you, don’t let them make you feel guilty. Give generously and keep open hands on money that doesn’t belong to you anyway.

What do you wish you knew about God’s will before making a career decision? Did any of my misconceptions help clarify a decision you are facing today?