How God Can Use Your Weakness

I know many of you have physical ailments or chronic diseases you wish you could be healed from, forget about or eradicate. You would be so much more effective, right? Well, for sure there’s a place for the healing power of Jesus and watching Him take your pain away.

But while you live with it, that uncontrollable weakness can be used to shine a light upon God’s glory. With two chronic illnesses, I’ve walked through extended seasons where I couldn’t lead worship or play music due to my condition. It was in those moments that God matured my heart and moved through me in ways I couldn’t see.

Remember—God is committed to the spread of His own glory.

What’s Next for You

Maybe, just maybe, the best course of action isn’t to eradicate what is weak in your life. But maybe it’s best to submit it to Jesus and watch Him outshine it all—to actually use those parts of your life that you regret for a greater good.

Maybe it’s your failure.

Maybe it’s your past.

Maybe it’s your health.

Maybe it’s your limited talent.

Maybe it’s your family.

Maybe it’s your limited experience.

Work on what you can control. Work harder than anyone you know. But submit your weakness to God and watch Him work.

Don’t disqualify what God has qualified.  

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David is a Worship Pastor at Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA.