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20 One-Sentence Prayers That Will Consistently Change Your Day

8. Lord help me give the love you have given me away freely and without charge to the people around me whom I struggle to love even a little bit.

There are people in your life whom you find it difficult to love. If you were charging for love, you would put a 200 percent tax increase on it. Instead of withholding giving away love, give it away without holding onto being right.

9. Lord help me trust that you have a plan for my life even when it may feel like it is a bad one.

Do you ever feel like the plan that God has for you feels more like a wild goose chase that is zig zagging around the world? Well, sometimes it does, but God’s plans are perfect and straight if we trust Him as the master mapmaker for our life.

10. Lord help me have patience because I’m pretty sure I’m out.

Patience is essential in ministry. People will test your patience including your own family. When your patience seems like it has evaporated into the atmosphere, ask God to replenish it.

11. Lord help me not find my significance from social media today.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+: All are great until we look to them as our significance meter.

12. Lord help me run to your Word for guidance instead of looking for an answer inside Google.

Google has provided every answer we need to almost every question we have. Need some advice? Type it into the search bar, hit enter and in .2 seconds you will have 100,000 responses. Google is great, but God is greater.

13. Lord help me to not care what people may think about me and only be concerned with what you think about me.

Church leaders and pastors are typically people-pleasers. We want people to like us and accept us. Be careful, though, the desire to be liked by others doesn’t squash your desire to know what God says about you.

14. Lord help me forgive people quickly and swiftly because if not the bitterness will have its way with me.

Forgiveness is not easy to do, but the alternative of not forgiving is much harder to live with. Ask God to help you forgive, after all He does it whenever we need it from Him.

15. Lord help me not treat ministry like a job but only as a calling from you.

Whenever ministry becomes a job, you’ll quickly find burnout won’t be close behind. God calls us not to a 9-5 job but to a lifetime of living a call that is the greatest call we’ll ever answer.

16. Lord help me have faith, the kind of faith that I could lift a mountain and toss it into the sea.

When you have the mentality that nothing can stand in your way of doing God’s work, including a mountain, then you will achieve the greatness that will come with having a faith that can move even mountains.

17. Lord help me to lead well those you have asked me to lead.

Whether you realize it or not, you are leading people. More importantly you are leading people God has entrusted into your care. Ask the Lord for help, because left to our own we will choose to let people lead themselves.

18. Lord help me see things and hear things that others aren’t because they are too busy.

In 2 Corinthians 4:18, Paul encourages the Corinthians to focus not on the things they can see but on the things they can’t. We look around and see many problems. Instead of seeing the problems, see the God who is orchestrating your solutions.

19. Lord help me work hard on the right things and leave the results up to you.

We want results. When you aren’t getting the results you want, ask God to help you keep working hard on the right things and leave the results up to Him.

20. Lord help me.

Sometimes we may not even know how we need God to help us. When you are at a loss for words, let God fill in the blanks.

Which one-sentence prayers could you tuck into your back pocket?