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5 Tips for Freshening Up “Worn Out” Songs

2. Change the arrangement—Just because you typically use a loop doesn’t mean you always need to. If you’re used to doing a song fast, try it slow. If you’re used to doing a song with an electronic feel, try it acoustic. If you’re used to doing it in a high key, try it in a lower register for a more tender feel.

Simplicity is a powerful force in corporate singing. I find myself gravitating more toward the simple music and raised voice of worshipers. So don’t be afraid of a little acapella. The goal is to get people singing with all their hearts, not just experiencing your music.

3. Change the singer—A guy usually leads it? Try it with a female lead. Changing the worship leader on a song can completely change the feel from something intense to something tender—a declarative sound to something more intimate.

4. Include it in a medley—Another great way to breathe fresh life into songs is to create medleys. Rather than doing one full song, do parts of two or three songs. I talk about the power of medleys in this recent blog post.

There’s a powerful connection that happens when you combine an old song with a new song, when they have a similar theme. Feels fresh.

5. Use video—Sometimes utilizing video in a song can cause the truth to land with more power. Maybe all you do is change up the background of a lyric slide. Or sync a lyric video to the band’s click. Considering visual elements is important to making a songs fresh. For more insight into this, make sure to check out what Stephen Proctor is doing over at Illuminate.

This list is by no means exhaustive. How do you take an older song and breathe fresh life into it?