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A Challenge to the Frustrated Worship Leader

The Beautiful Mess of Ministry

Leading people in the local church was never meant to be easy.

Think about Jesus—he gathered the most unlikely people to do the most extraordinary miracles. He gathered tax collectors that everyone hated. He called the introverted fisherman. What did he do with them?

He modeled what it was like to follow God, love people and establish the Kingdom of God in the earth. Then he released them to do it too.

As you look at your team, you may be discouraged. Everyone is too old, too young, not experienced enough, too set in their ways and irritable.

Enjoy your present as you work to build the future. Pastor your people and build. Love your team and build.

But that’s easier said than done, right? It’s easy for me to write. It’s easy to preach. It’s easy to package up and sell.

But you have rehearsal Thursday night. You have song lists to craft, emails that need sending and Planning Center that needs updated.

This is ministry. It’s not just what happens on the grand stages and the hit records. It’s showing up early to pray and prepare for your team. It’s staying late to encourage your guitar player. It’s giving the unlikely a chance. It’s the little things done over time that create culture. Excellence. Community.

So consider yourself prayed for today. Be challenged. Be encouraged. The work you are doing is a Kingdom work of stored treasures in Heaven.