10 Good Questions to Ask Your Team

10 Good Questions to Ask Your Team

Are you a worship leader or music ministry leader? Asking your team the right questions really sets the right tone for your leadership. Asking the right questions will give you insight into any blind spots you might have. And asking the right questions will help your team and the people serving in it go to the next level. Here are 10 great questions to help you in your leadership.

1. How can I help you? The greatest leaders are really servants. If people sense that you are there to help them, they will buy into your leadership much faster.

2. What is the biggest challenge you have to being successful here? Our goal should be to help the people around us to be successful. Seeing life from their perspective really helps get past many barriers.

3. Do you understand what I’ve asked you to do? Or, what is your understanding of the vision of this music ministry? Clear communication and vision are so important. These are a great questions to get everyone on the same page.

4. What am I missing or what would you do differently if you were me? Leaders don’t always get it right. Getting advice is a key to leading with wisdom.

5. What do you see that I can’t see? In most organizations, it is really difficult to clearly see all the moving pieces. Getting great feedback from other perspectives is huge.

6. How can I improve as your leader? We all need to be improving as leaders. Being humble enough to search for advice and then apply it is real wisdom.

7. If we had authority to do anything—and money was no barrier—what would you like to see us do as a team/organization? We often have barriers in our mind that are imaginary and really hold us back. This kind of “blue sky” thinking really helps breaks down those barriers.

8. Where do you see yourself someday, and how can I assist you in getting there? Developing new leaders and helping your team members reach their God-given destiny is part of our job. We need to be teaching our people to be future leaders.

9. What are you currently learning that can help all of us? Learning from the full team will only help us all develop and learn faster.

10. How are you doing in your personal life and is there any way I can help you? Everyone has stuff that they are going through. We all need to love and support each other. This kind of personal interaction can help your team go to the next level.

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