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Help Your Church Break Out of Its Worship Comfort Zone

Now that I have built some rapport with the congregation we are slowly starting to incorporate “woah” songs and more of those elements back that people weren’t comfortable with in the beginning. Not because there is a spiritual benefit to singing “woah’s” or “yeah’s” in songs, but because it is healthy for us to worship in ways we are not comfortable with.

If we practice worshiping in ways we aren’t comfortable with then we will get more comfortable stretching not only our worship comfort zones, in all aspects of our life.

Share this vision with people and the reason we are taking the step.

Personally, I am much more wary to follow a leader that I don’t believe has a reason for stretching me. But if they explain their process, the importance of it, how it is biblically based and their vision for it, I will follow that leader to the moon and back. I believe our congregation is similar.

I hesitated with this mission statement because I knew that if we bought into this, the vision that our team has had would take longer to achieve. If we are making it our mission to meet people at their comfort zones and take them one step further, that means that there are going to be a lot of aspects to our service that take a lot of time.

But, like the Christian life, it isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon making consistent steps forward.

Meet people at their worship comfort zone and take them one step further.