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Help Your Church Break Out of Its Worship Comfort Zone

comfort zone

Comfort zone? What do we as Christian leaders do with this phrase? Is there such a thing as a worship comfort zone?

As a worship leader, this may be the phrase I wrestle with the most. We can take Moses’ example and be encouraged that God is in the business of stretching the comfort zones of His followers. Moses, as most of you know, did not consider himself a great speaker, but God called him to go and plead with Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.

We see a similar charge to Abram, when in Genesis 12 God tells him to leave his country and Father’s house to a land that he will show you. Even though it doesn’t say here, I’m sure Abram was hesitant at first. Leaving the land that he had known his whole life for a place that hadn’t even been given to him yet.

Help Your Church Break Out of Its Worship Comfort Zone

So, we know that challenging our congregation to step out of their worship comfort zone is important and biblical. But how do we do that? It seems every time I start to think on this topic so many more questions come up. What is the current comfort level at? How do we stretch without breaking people? How fast do we move? Am I stepping out of my worship comfort zone? How do we develop a method? Do we move with our church or as a separate entity?

All of these questions must be carefully weighed and thought out before deciding what stepping out of a comfort zone looks like for your ministry.

I have been on staff as a worship minister for years now. While I have learned a lot, and have seen God move in ways I couldn’t ever imagine, things have not developed the way I initially thought they would. When I first came on staff we didn’t have a drummer. I remember telling someone that I thought we would probably add drums in three to five months. Guess what? We still don’t have a drummer.

Things never move along as fast as you think they will.