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Insecure Worship Leaders: Why It’s Time for Deep Work

Insecure Worship Leaders: Why It's Time for Deep Work

Insecure Worship Leaders: Why It’s Time for Deep Work

What insecurities are holding you back? I find this to be a helpful question in every season of life and ministry.

Sometimes we are engaged in work outside of our gifting, but more often than not, our insecurities are keeping us from what is possible. Our challenge is a miracle zone where the power of God can shine.

So what story is holding you back?

Worship Leaders, it’s time to rise up. It’s time to fully step into what God is doing.

You have a calling not just to pick songs and maintain services, but to be a prophetic sound in your city, in your region. I know that may sound mystical and strange. But it’s true.

You need to do the deep work.

There is a deep work and there is a surface level maintenance.

  • Deep work is praying for a move of God.
  • Deep work is having that difficult conversation.
  • Deep work is creating culture.
  • Deep work is developing another leader.
  • Deep work is worshiping with your team.
  • Deep work is leading with energy and compassion.
  • Deep work is stepping out of what’s comfortable and doing what is scary.
  • Deep work is listening to and loving your multi generational congregation.
  • Deep work is leading that original song that you wrote with tears while praying for your church.

The enemy is out to steal, to kill, to destroy. Many in the church are sleepwalking through life. They may attend church. They may have a strong moral compass. But there’s no true outbreak of the Kingdom of God in their lives.

It’s time for the worship leaders, the catalysts, the prophetic voices, to rise up and awaken hearts, to stir up affection for the Savior.

But how does this happen? I believe it starts with doing the deep work, not simply dialing in the routine. It takes intentionality and conviction to keep your heart trusting, dependent.

So here’s my question for you: What deep work are you going to do this week? In what way are you going to shift your culture for the better?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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