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Why We Need Worship Pastors, Not Worship Leaders

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One of the greatest blessings a church can receive is when the person leading music is a worship pastor, not just a worship leader. Worship pastors increase the spiritual sensitivity of the weekend service, expand the church’s pastoral reach, and create a synergy between the music and teaching. While it is important for worship leaders to be competent, talented, and able to execute their portion of a weekend service with little difficulty, there is so much more that worship leaders bring to the table.

Why We Need Worship Pastors, Not Worship Leaders

1. Worship pastors have a shepherd’s heart.

A worship pastor goes beyond “how do I get people to sing this song” to “how can I share Jesus’ love?” Worship pastors are aware of what is happening both locally in their community, and globally, and they pick songs designed to speak to that current moment.

Worship pastors talk with the congregation before and after. They are in small groups. They counsel people. They disciple their band. In other words, worship pastors see themselves as shepherds first, and musicians second.

This means worship pastors are themselves trained and discipled. They have put in the work and time to pursue Jesus deeply in their own lives, and have theologically wrestled with the tough questions. Worship pastors may become famous, but that is never their mentality. They are simply looking to bring the presence of Jesus to people via their life and music.