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The Bible (September at NewLifeSundaySchool)

Every believer knows they *should* read the Bible…but many struggle to make sense of it, to see the grand narrative, and correctly interpret it. To add to the confusion, many outrageous interpretations of Scripture are taught from some pulpits.

Is the Bible just a book of promises and principles and formulas? Why are there tensions and even apparent contradictions? Where did these books come from? Did God dictate every word? Can we trust it’s authority? Is it simply a collection of disconnected stories? Or it there a single, saving, sovereign story in Scripture?

These are just some of the questions we’ll explore in our 3-part series in September at NewLifeSundaySchool. My hope is that through each week, you would begin to see the single story of Scripture, to enter it, and to let it enter you and change you as you “rightly divide the Word.” For a detailed list of times and topics, click HERE.