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Challenging Each Other to Ruin Lazy Communications…

Last week I spent two intense days with a group of creative leaders and practitioners representing ten different churches from New York to California. We came from indie art, gritty cowboy, low income urban, exclusive suburb, bluegrass, hip hop, big city and small town communities. We’re an eclectic expression of methodologies, experience, philosophies, practices and contexts who will be spending the next six months together trying to get better at getting through.

I thought I’d share a few quotes I was able to jot down …

  • “We are sometimes called to be a part of people’s lives for a chapter rather than the whole book.” @stevenstarfas
  • “Don’t forget what it’s like not to believe.” @stevenstarfas
  • “It’s time to sunset that system.” @heyshan
  • “Integrate family ministries instead of creating programs. Programs can actually fracture families.” @heyshan
  • “Communicators should be curators.” @jeremyscheller
  • “When your audience is already highly scheduled, don’t add more to their calendar. Work harder at creating avenues for them to find small spaces to respond to God.” @dgaff
  • “You can’t cultivate great communication as a professional until you realize, as a human being, you’re not so different than the people you’re serving.” Mindy Owens
  • “Communication is an art form, prepping the canvas for good art takes time.” @eyesofaith