Hours of Counterfeit Worship

We all worship something, right? Last night I spent a few hours doing just that. I’ve struggled with the question of whether to recognize it as a god or not for the past few years. Ten years back, video games were an idol. Sold those off, and I can’t tell you how good that has felt. Now? I’d have to say something I need to prune my life of is the admiration of sports. Specifically, Virginia Tech football.

Video games and Virginia Tech football are gods? They sound like things that wouldn’t really destroy your life. They’re not drugs, porn, alcohol . . . continue the legalistic/usual “destructive gods” list you’ve heard in church here. I sit here in a Virginia Tech t-shirt as I write this. People think of me when they watch their games. When you see my face online, I’m usually wearing a VT hat. It doesn’t carry me with it, I carry it.

Their season started last night, and I set aside other things to put my focus on a fuzzy streaming video from some hacked website since I no longer have cable and ESPN3 was blacked out in my area. A website was blacked out, and angered me because I had to go searching for some illegal stream? SAD. I was tempted to buy a $50 LivingSocial deal for one of their games yesterday. Right now, I think I get sick thinking of spending another 3 hours watching their next game.

I want to know your thoughts on this? I’m sure there will be a broad spectrum of responses. What do I do with 20-30 t-shirts (90% of my wardrobe is Chicago Maroon and Orange)? If I reflect a sports team more than I reflect my God, it’s time for a change. Even if some believe I do reflect God “well” at times! After reading Jefferson Bethke’s spoken words (and watching the video) below, how would you respond? How could this not be a conviction, if the feeling is so serious?

Words from Counterfeit Gods by Jefferson Bethke

What’s on your throne?
What do you chase, so you don’t feel alone?
What defines you? What do you give ultimate worth?
What, if taken, would bring ultimate hurt?

That. is. your. god.

And, all of us, we’ve sacrificed deep joy for shallow happiness.
To be honest, we look like fools.
We’re like full-grown adults in the kiddy pool.
Going, oh my goodness guys – this is like so cool!

Cause’ we’re slaves to our possessions.
We’re always craving something new.
Reality check. If you can’t give it up, you don’t own it. It owns you.

And that’s why the Bible, it says we’re spiritual prostitutes.
In fact, it even says we’re worse.
Cause’ at least prostitutes get paid for their works.
All we get paid is a hearse.

And that’s why worship, it’s not just behavior.
It goes way into our core.
So ask, what is your god?
What do you bow down before?

Click here to view the embedded video.