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Creative Staging: Top 10 Inexpensive Finds for Dramatic Results

3. Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal is a great tool for achieving an “industrial” look. It can be hung in sheets, cut into shapes, or bent into columns, and it reflects light beautifully. It is also available as corrugated fiberglass and PVC. These materials come in a variety of colors, including clear. If you want a really edgy look, you can spray paint graffiti across it. At the very least, your creative team will have a great time tagging legally.

4. PVC Pipe

PVC pipe and fittings are like the adult version of tinker toys. You can build dramatic structures, then easily pull them apart so they take up little storage space. And whether you are a theatre or a worship space, storage is always an issue. These structures are not weight bearing, but can be used to suspend fabrics, lightweight materials (such as cardboard and foam core), and light weight lighting. Keep in mind that PVC pipe can be heated and bent which can give you a number of options for curved building structures. (Always wear a chemical cartridge respirator when heating and melting plastics)

5. Kee Klamp

The more expensive (but more structural) version of adult tinker toys is Kee Klamp. Kee Klamp manufactures a number of different fittings designed to connect steel pipe. You can create structures that are very strong, but easily disassembled and reconfigured. The fittings come in a variety of sizes to accommodate _” pipe all the way up to 2″ pipe. Plus, the steel pipe can be painted in virtually any color. (Kee Klamps come in varying colors, too.) Kee Klamp fittings are highly weight bearing so you can support scenery and even people on your structures.

This solution isn’t exactly inexpensive, but you can build your inventory project by project with a minimal investment. Check out their Web site at www.keeklamp.com

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Russell Reid spent the early part of his career working in professional and university level theatre. Now as a consultant at Acoustic Dimensions, he applies theatrical concepts to the design of worship centers