5 Qualities of Great Musicians

great musicians

What makes music powerful? What are the qualities of great musicians, that make for engaging and powerful worship? Because it’s obvious that some have it and others don’t. When certain musicians take hold of their instrument, magic happens. Still others who may have more experience or taken lessons longer, don’t have it. Think about it—how many times have you heard someone who’s taken lessons for many years only to find out they weren’t very good? So if lessons aren’t the key, experience isn’t the answer, and time isn’t the x factor—what is it that makes the qualities of great musicians?

Qualities of Great Musicians – Why I Want to Be the Best I Can Be

I’m not discounting the value of lessons, experience and practice time—all of these contribute to what makes a good musician. But I do want to talk about the qualities of great musicians, some more obscure things that make a unique, memorable, powerful, engaging musician. I’m assuming that’s what you want to be, right?

  • I want to be the best musician I can be so that when the Holy Spirit decides to use me, I am ready for anything He wants to do.
  • I want to be the best musician I can be so that when I preach the Gospel on my instrument, it is a worthy accompaniment.
  • I want to be the best musician I can be so that the music I make moves people, inspires others and draws them closer to Jesus.

Are you with me?

5 Qualities of Great Musicians

1. Great Musicians Are Thoughtful

I’m not talking about “thoughtful” in the sense of getting roses for their spouse (although that is super great). I’m talking about being thoughtful of their lives. Powerful musicians think deeply. They are reflective about what they believe in and what moves them to their core. This is then reflected in their playing.

It’s never just mechanics or rapid finger movement on their instrument. It’s an expression from deep within. They think, they believe, they feel, they express. Obviously, this would apply to a Jesus-loving musician as well as a “secular” musician. They express their deep beliefs in their playing. It’s an expression of who they are.

2. Great Musicians Are Aware

You would think that the best musicians zone in and get lost in their own world to create great music. But the truth is, the best musicians are aware of what is going on in the room. They notice who is there, what is happening, and “speak” into the situation, in a sense. For the Christian musician, that is noticing what God is up to in the room and interpreting that through their instrument.