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My Youth Ministry Summer Bucket List for Teens

11. Frisbee Golf (or Frolf)

Take a group of teens to play disc golf.

12. Ultimate Frisbee

I’ll be the referee. I really don’t want to run that much.

13. Happy Hour

Meet teens at a nearby Sonic for “happy hour” and half-price drinks.

14. 7/11 Road Trip

Every year on July 11, all the 7/11 stores in our area give away free small Slurpees. So it only makes sense to take a road trip with teens to every 7/11 in our area.

15. Slip-n-Slide

I’ve always wanted to do a big slip-n-slide on the parish front lawn. I’m not sure how our Facility Director would feel about it. (Ask permission or beg forgiveness?)

16. Mega Water Balloon Fight

Last year we had 4,500 water balloons at our water balloon fight. This year, we’re going for the 5,000 mark! Ask parents and parishioners to fill the balloons for you. Then invite the fire department to bring a truck out and shower the kids after the fight.

17. Worship and Breakfast

Attend a worship service with teens and then enjoy donuts at a local bakery.

18. Family Movie Night

Invite the families to your church soccer fields, pop popcorn, and enjoy! (Note: Be sure you have proper licensing permission to show a movie to a group.)

19. Book Club

Meet with the teens once a month to talk about a faith-based book that everyone reads.

20. Great Mattress Race 

Race mattresses, or anything for that matter, around town in the form of a scavenger hunt.

However you fill your “lazy” summer days, maybe find a new adventure to enjoy with the teens sometime during these months. Having a bucket list for teens every summer is a great opportunity for awesome relational ministry!

What’s on your bucket list for teens this summer? Share your ideas in the comments!

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