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Discussion Starters: 100 Prompts for Youth Ministry Small Groups

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Discussion starters are a great way to engage small-group participants. Fun conversation prompts put kids at ease and help them connect. So check out the wide variety of icebreakers for small groups below. (These 100 discussion starters are courtesy of youth ministry veteran Josh Griffin.)

Today I did a fun youth ministry exercise. It was a brain dump on fun questions and small-group discussion starters. Our group leaders use such prompts to make connections and launch great chats. So I thought I’d share these discussion starters for you to borrow.

Pro Tip: Also enjoy these conversation prompts for your church and personal use!

100 Small-Group Discussion Starters for Youth Ministry

1. Introduce yourself: name, school, hometown
2. Share an embarrassing moment
3. How you met a good friend (or mentor)
4. Favorite place to go, event to attend
5. Biggest celebrity you’ve met or seen
6. How was online school for you?
7. What did you miss most during the pandemic?
8. Favorite Power Ranger
9. TRUTH OR DARE: You actually watched the “Dora the Explorer” live-action movie.
10. HOT TAKE: The “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie was pretty good!
11. What sport do you play?
12. Would you ever be in the school musical?
13. Birth order: Are you oldest, youngest, middle?
14. Describe your parents in one word.
15. What’s one thing you’d never change about yourself?
16. Show me a picture from your camera roll you never posted. Why not?
17. Have you ever graffitied something? If so, what was it? If not, why not?
18. Describe your sibling(s) in one word.
19. Did you ever eat the Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s?
20. Describe yourself in one word.