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4 Keys To Launching a Gospel Movement

3. Leaders fully embrace and model it. The youth leader, along with the adult and student leaders, led the way and set the pace for prayer and evangelism in their personal lives.

4. A disciple multiplication strategy guides it. Their goal was not just more new believers. It was disciples who grew spiritually and made more disciples, who in turn made more disciples.

5. A bold vision focuses itThese groups had a vision to reach people for Christ everywhere—across the street (their friends), across the tracks (the broken parts of their community), and across the world.

6. Biblical outcomes measure it. They measured their success not by attendance, but by baptisms, new conversion growth, faith-sharing conversations, and spiritual-maturation markers.

7. Ongoing programs reflect it. They removed programs that weren’t advancing the Gospel (in and/or through their teenagers). They added programs that did advance the Gospel. They adjusted programs that could potentially advance the Gospel.

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Giving your teenagers Gospel urgency provides the why of sharing their faith. Giving them Gospel fluency helps them know what to share. And giving them Gospel strategy provides the how, a methodology for sharing the message. Meanwhile, implementing the 7 Values in your ministry leads to Gospel Advancing sustainability. It digs the trenches and lays the pipeline for the movement.

Together, let’s lay this pipeline and pray passionately for the Lord to turn on the spigot of Living Water through a spiritual awakening of Biblical proportions that will change the trajectory of Christianity in the next generation!

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.