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6 Things I Learned About COMPASSION…

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You really never understand a ministry until you see how they function in their ministry setting. Looking from a distance will never give you the true picture of what is happening. This week I had the chance to see Compassion International in action in Ecuador and I saw first hand the difference they are making in lives around the globe. Here is what I learned while I was in Ecuador…

  • Letters matter // Compassion is built around connecting one sponsor with one child. Relationships found the basis of the compassion strategy. If you sponsor a child those letters you write really do get to your kid. I saw them myself. Every time we met a kid and asked about letters from sponsors their face lit up. We even saw that most kids keep and save every letter and picture they get!
  • Sponsors are changing the lives of kids // every kid I met in Ecuador was so thankful for their sponsor…they understood that someone cared for them. When you sponsor a child you give them education and a chance to hear about the love of Christ.
  • Compassion partners with the local church around the world // every project around the world is connected with the local church in that city. The local church is advancing because of Compassion.
  • Investing in one child can change an entire family // we saw entire families rescued from poverty because of Compassion. One kid with an education can change everything and break the cycle of poverty for a family.
  • Compassion fights poverty in Jesus name // compassion is not just interested in fighting poverty, they fight poverty in the name of Jesus. This is an organization passionate about seeing people become followers of Jesus.
  • Compassion wants to partner with the local church in the United States // Compassion is ready to link arms with the local church. They want to find ways to allow churches and compassion to work hand in hand on projects around the world. I hope you will pray about how your church or ministry can link arms with Compassion.