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Youth Group Announcements Must End: Find Out Why

Those announcements took a good deal of time and energy to put together. They detracted from our primary purpose. AND THEY WEREN’T EVEN WORKING!

So we gave ourselves the freedom to experiment, even with things like announcements, which youth groups have been doing since the beginning of time. Then we discovered we didn’t need them. If we didn’t need them, then we weren’t going to waste our time or energy on them.

So, what do we do instead of announcements?

Alternatives to Youth Group Announcements

1. We send invitation postcards to students whenever a big event is coming up.

2. We create Facebook events to share details. That way, kids can easily promote our ministry to their friends. Social media works wonders for youth group announcements these days.

3. We send a targeted email to the parents of students who receive an invitation postcard.

4. Finally, we use kiosks, posters, and signup areas in the church lobby sometimes. People who show up on Sunday know what’s going on. It’s just that we don’t make a show about it in the sanctuary.

That’s it. These are the most effective ways we communicate anything, yet we’ve experienced zero drop-off in participation. The best part? No more youth group announcements.

Next, it’s your turn. What would keep you from experimenting with a “no announcements” youth group or worship service? Let me know by sharing a comment below.