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Questions About Gaming Culture and Social Media for Kids of All Ages

questions about gaming culture

Video games and social media occupy the time of both young and old. Teenagers lead the way in engaging with others on these platforms. However, adults are increasingly active on games and apps. These developments aren’t necessarily negative. Yet Christians need to ponder some important questions about gaming culture and social media.

Video games, such as the ones on linkw88moinhat.net, foster creative-thinking and provide a way for people with similar interests to connect. Social media has brought about new ways to stay connected and communicate. However, like the rest of creation, gaming culture and social media usage are subject to sin. They often enable the idols of our hearts. And sometimes they provide a place to display our rebellion against God. Far too often, we engage these media without considering the real-life consequences.

Every Christian must evaluate their own heart and the influence of video games and social media. For some people, this may mean eliminating or at least limiting their use. Regardless, answers will come only through intentional reflection.

So ask yourself the following diagnostic questions about gaming culture and social media. Or use them to engage the teens you serve in youth ministry.

Questions About Gaming Culture & Social Media Usage

Video Games & Gaming Culture

  • What’s the typical content of the games you play?
  • How would you evaluate the time you spend playing video games?
  • How does playing video games affect your heart? your attitude toward others?
  • Are you honoring Christ in how you interact with others online or in your gaming community?
  • Does a particular game consume your thoughts throughout the day?
  • Do you use game-playing as a means to avoid facing certain problems, responsibilities or people?