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5 Practices of Healthy Leaders

5 Practices of Healthy Leaders

Have you ever wondered how high capacity leaders got to where they are? I mean, did it just happen overnight, was it a natural God-given talent, or did they have to work to get to where they are?

From my perspective, I believe that high capacity leaders have habits that they do that have resulted in where they are today.

So, what are the habits of healthy leaders. Here are a few observations that I have noticed regarding this question.

1. Healthy Leaders Commit and Value Their Personal Time With Jesus

If you want to be a great leader, the best habit that you can cultivate right now is a personal time with Jesus. Value and commit to it.

Too often, leaders fall out of love with Jesus, and it is usually because somewhere down the line they stopped valuing and committing to their personal time with Jesus.

If you want to be healthy and able to feed others, you cannot feed others from an empty source. You must be filled yourself, and you can feed others from your full source.

2. Healthy Leaders Value Community and Friendships

As I get older, I am understanding the importance of genuine friendship.

Ministry is hard, but ministry done in isolation is much harder.

God never intended for us to do ministry alone. His intention is to do life with other people.

As I study the best leaders, I have noticed that they have some outlets (friendships) that they can talk to about anything. These friendships encourage them, counsel them, hold them accountable, inspire them and make them better.

If you cannot think of a friend who does this in your life, you need to seek out friendships like this in order to stay healthy as a leader.

3. Healthy leaders Have a Personal Life and Hobbies

Every healthy leader that I know has a hobby of some sort to take their mind off of leading.

Ministry is so difficult, because it demands so much, and the idea of being on the clock 24/7 is so true in many people’s eyes.

If you are like me, you struggle turning work off in your life. I struggle with this. I go to bed with things on my mind. I wake up with my “to do list” in mind.

One of the best practices that I began a couple of years ago was to try to play golf every two weeks to take my mind off of things. It has helped me physically and helped my leadership immensely.

4. Healthy Leaders Practice Saying “No” to Some Things

Look, there are some times you have to say yes even when you do not want to. I get that, but too often pastors and leaders say “yes” to everything.

Saying “yes” to everything is unhealthy. Plain and simple.

When I first started leading when I was about 20 years old, I said yes to everything and eventually found myself in a very unhealthy place with my family and my personal life.

As I have grown in leadership, I have realized and even understood the importance of saying no to things that don’t matter as much as the things I am willing to say “yes” to.

5. Healthy Leaders Are Selective of the People They Give Their Time To

Let me be real honest with you. There are people in your life that suck the life right out of you. There are people around you who drain you emotionally and spiritually. There are people in your life who waste your energy and take away your passion.

I used to think that was part of leadership and that I must spend extra amounts of time with them. I do not see that anymore. I actually am willing to avoid these types of people for longer lengths of time.

I have learned that a habit that can set me on the path of stronger leadership is to avoid time with people who drain me.

Healthy leaders know who to give their time, energy and passion to.

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