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A Letter to an Indecisive Student

Finally, remember God’s perspective on vocation. Vocation simply means calling, or better yet, the callings that God gives us as a means to glorify Him through loving Him and loving others. Our first calling is to know and love God. Flowing out of this first calling comes all our other callings—family, church, work/career, community, etc… You may be tempted to think that your decision about college is what defines you. But in those moments, remember your first calling. Let Christ define you.

Yet your decision about college or the workforce does matter to God. In many ways, it will determine how you spend the majority of your time over the course of your life. By it you will have the opportunity to glorify God, tangibly serve others and participate in God’s mission. These things remain the same whether you get a college degree in business administration or pursue vocational training to become a computer programmer, HVAC technician or medical assistant.

Your education and work matter to God regardless of the path He leads you down. Seek God’s wisdom, seek wise counsel and pursue the desires God has given you. Be patient and prayerful as God gives greater clarity and direction along the way. Whatever route you take and whatever God calls you do, do it faithfully as a means of loving Him and loving others.

One last thing: Enjoy the freedom of knowing your identity is found in Christ, not in your education or work. When you understand that truth, you will be most free to pursue your education and work as means of loving God and loving others.

I hope we can sit down soon and talk through everything. Until then, know that I am praying for you as you think through these things and make decisions about your future.

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Michael is the Minister to Students at Open Door Church where he has served for the last five years. He gets most excited about good coffee, enjoying friends and family, making disciples, engaging culture, and planting churches. He writes to help others delight in, declare, and display the gospel in all of life.