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How to Launch New Ideas for Ministry and Beyond

How to Launch New Ideas for Ministry and Beyond

How to Launch New Ideas for Ministry and Beyond

You have that new idea rolling around in your mind. The idea keeps popping up in those moments when your brain seems to take a break or the idea keeps interrupting your thoughts and work.

What is holding you back from launching that new ministry, ministry position, event, program?

Six thoughts on launching something new:

The Legal Pad. Write down the idea. As the idea pops up throughout the day write down your thoughts. List the pros and cons. I have a few legal pads on my desk working on events and I write down thoughts and ideas as I go so I don’t forget later. The more thoughts you can process the better.

Pray. Seeking God’s wisdom and direction could very well be the step that causes you to let the idea go or the confirmation to press forward.

Ask the Questions?
Does this fit with our church’s purpose and vision?
Who will be involved?
Who would I personally invite to join the team for this event/program?
Does this event/program have the potential to make a difference in our church?
What will be required financially to pull it off?
Write down your answers on the legal pad.

Consult the Calendars. Is the time frame you are looking at competing with something else happening in the church? The community? The schools? Sometimes we have a great event but we choose the wrong time, which impacts participation. Most importantly, how will it affect your family calendar? Give yourself enough time to do proper planning and excellent promotion.

Get the Input. Sit down with leadership and pitch the idea. You have taken the time to think about it and write down your thoughts, and asked the important questions and consulted the calendar. Now you have the answers that may be asked. If you are in the blessed position of not having to run everything by a committee or through leadership, you can gather those you would like to serve with you on this event or program and get their input. Who will be on your team?

Publicity Is Key. Make sure you promote the event or program with every avenue of communication your church culture may use: social media, email, public calendar, website, church app, bulletins, small groups. Allow plenty of time to promote the event. People need time to check their calendars, plan and prepare to participate. I used to be surprised by how often our student ministry was invited by other student ministries to participate in something they were hosting that same week.

Don’t bury what could be a great idea by pushing it away. It may not be ready to go now, but it may be an idea or program that could be a great success in the future.

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Andy Lawrenson is the student and ministry teams pastor at Nags Head Church in North Carolina. Andy has been in student ministry for 25 years as both a volunteer and a paid staff member. Andy and his wife, Misha, have been married for 28 years and have three children: a son in middle school and twin eight-year-olds, a boy and girl.