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Launch Student Ministry Into the Stratosphere With These 6 Tips

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Are you ready to launch student ministry, programs, or events? Maybe a new idea has been rolling around in your mind. It keeps popping up, interrupting your thoughts and work. What’s holding you back from launching that new ministry, position, event, or program? And how can you blast off successfully?

Read on for practical tips from a veteran youth minister!

6 Tips to Launch Student Ministry Programs

1. Use a legal pad.

Write down the idea right away. Jot it down as soon as it pops up, no matter where you are. List the pros and cons.

I keep a few legal pads on my desk, while working on events, and so on. That way I can write down thoughts as I go and not forget later. The more thoughts you can process, the better.

2. Pray!

Seek God’s wisdom and direction to launch student ministry. Prayer could very well be what causes you to proceed with or drop the idea. So take time to talk with God about it.

3. Ask key questions.

For example:

  • Does this fit with our church’s purpose and vision?
  • To launch student ministry or a new program, who will be involved?
  • Who would I personally invite to join the team for this event/program?
  • Does this event/program have the potential to make a difference in our church?
  • What will be required financially to pull this off?

Then write down your answers on a legal pad!

4. Consult the calendars.

Is the time frame you’re looking at competing with something else happening in the church? The community? The schools? Sometimes we have a great event but choose the wrong time, which impacts participation. Most importantly, how will it affect your family calendar? Give yourself enough time to do proper planning and excellent promotion.