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Youth Ministry Don’ts: 18 Tips for Newbies (and Longtimers too!)

youth ministry don'ts

Youth ministry don’ts may seem negative, but they’re full of wisdom. It’s important to know what not to do as well as what to do!

Recently I received an e-mail from someone who’s just starting out in youth ministry. He asked for a quick list of basic tips for success.

This isn’t the most perfect post in the world. But it’s what I rattled off as a reply. I hope these youth ministry don’ts are thought-provoking and helpful.

Watch Out for These Youth Ministry Donts

1. Don’t do ministry alone.

It takes a team, so you shouldn’t try to be a Lone Ranger.

2. Don’t hog the platform.

Share the work but also share the credit.

3. Don’t alienate the team.

Empower and equip volunteers along the way.

4. Don’t treat everyone the same.

Adapt your ministry to meet people’s specific needs.

5. Don’t make tons of changes…yet.

Get a solid feel for the program before trying to overhaul it.

6. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Many people have come before you. Learn from their wisdom.