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Youth Ministry Don’ts: 18 Tips for Newbies (and Longtimers too!)

7. Don’t let a month go by without reading a book.

Keep learning and growing!

8. Don’t sacrifice your Sabbath.

Take time to worship, pray, and have personal devotions.

9. Don’t always say yes.

Reserve some time and energy for yourself and your family.

10. Don’t walk fast everywhere you go.

Slow down and breathe!

11. Don’t lock yourself in your office all the time.

Get out and meet kids where they are.

12. Don’t always be out of the office.

Balance your schedule so administrative tasks don’t pile up.

13. Don’t wish for greener churches.

Better (or less stressful) congregations simply don’t exist.

14. Don’t give up on your senior pastors.

Instead, consider them vital partners in ministry.

15. Don’t leave the van messy.

Be a good steward of all your youth ministry spaces.

16. Don’t expect a raise.

But do document your successes and mention them at performance reviews.

17. Don’t raise everyone else’s kids but not your own.

Your family takes priority over your church family.

18. Don’t stop believing!

God is faithful. He is with you during every step of your youth ministry journey.

What would you add to this list of youth ministry don’ts?