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Tim Keller Answers Questions on Theology, Abortion, Ministry Hurt, Health, and More

Tim Keller
Tim Keller screengrab via Twitter @timkellernyc

On Monday morning (July 18), Tim Keller made a rare personal appearance on Twitter to answer questions posted with the hashtag #asktk by his social media followers.

“For those who didn’t see this yesterday,” Keller posted, “while I’m not quite ready to return to social media regularly, on Monday July 18th, I’m going to do an #ASKTK for an hour at 9am. Send questions in with that hashtag #asktk. Looking forward to answering questions live with you.”

The best-selling author and the founding pastor of New York City’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church has remained off social media after experiencing side effects from a cancer treatment he was undergoing last month. In a tweet thanking everyone for their prayers, Keller’s son Michael said, “Things were scary for a bit but God was gracious, working through your prayers and the skill of the doctors, and now he is doing much better.”

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Keller answered questions regarding his health, parenting advice, ministry, abortion, theology, church planting, politics, books, and personal likes.

The following are those questions.

How are you doing? How’s the church, the family, ministry? Praying for you and grateful for you, Dr. Keller.

TK: In the middle of an immunotherapy protocol. I feel great, but it will be months before we know if it is effective. As for the church, I have not been the pastor of Redeemer since 2017. The daughter churches are all doing well. My family is a great source of joy and happiness.

Best parenting advice?

TK: Forgive and Repent in front of your children and do it often.

What is your go to book on Christian parenting and fatherhood?

TK: My friend @drantbradley recommends Raising Boys by Biddulph, and it’s been helping my family right now.

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What is one thing you would tell young Tim Keller just starting off being a pastor?

TK: That’s easy, pray more.

Why have you been silent about the Dobbs decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and Casey?

TK: I’ve been silent about everything because I have not been online. In addition, I tend not to speak about current events. However, this is an important one. If you’ve read How to Reach the West Again you know I’m pro-life. I believe the church must be too. I believe the Dobbs decision was morally and judicially right. But there’s much more to say about the ramifications of Dobbs. Two of the best summaries are the practical next steps outlined well by Lauren Green McAfee: After Roe, How Do We Stand for Life? and the cautionary next steps sketched out by Ross Douthat: The End of Roe Is Just the Beginning.

Best advice for deep ministry hurt?

TK: This is a big question. If that means the hurt has made you bitter, I wrote about this in the Forgive book coming out this Fall. If it means a loss of vision for the ministry, you need a long sabbatical to see what you should be doing next.