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#1 Thing You Can Do Right Now to Be a Better Youth Pastor

#1 Thing You Can Do Right Now to Be a Better Youth Pastor

I know it seems stupid. How can you boil down being a better youth pastor to one thing? Here’s how, and I’m going to be as honest with you as I possibly can. It’s not cliche and it’s not super spiritual. It’s incredibly practical and almost everyone can do this one thing differently and become a better youth pastor. It’s a tough one.

Brace yourself.

Get up out of your chair. Walk down to the children’s ministry offices, find your children’s pastor and give them a huge hug. Then ask them this one question: “Can you help me?”

Do not ask:

How can I help you?

Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

Have you ever thought about trying this?

Instead, ask them for help. Why?

1. You actually need help.

As a youth pastor, you probably have some people tell you that you need to figure some things out. Heck, you probably have thought numerous times about the things that you need to do better. But have you actually asked anyone for help? Your children’s director/pastor is probably gifted in areas that you are weak. Ask them for help.

2. It’s incredibly humble.

You need help, but reaching out and grabbing that help is difficult. Asking someone that is on a totally different wavelength seems counterintuitive. We must seek to understand before being understood. It’s time to cut your slice of humble pie.

3. You’re on the same team.

You aren’t on team creativity or team systems or even team leadership (gasp). But you should both be on team Jesus, gospel and Bible. Find some common ground and ask for some help.

******Really important note that you probably don’t want to read!!!******

Just in case you are “that” children’s person and you have said Amen to this post 100 times, you should do this as well. Like, right now.

So if you are in for fixing the relationship between the children’s and student departments in your church, share this with the hashtag #fixthegap.

It’s time we ask for help instead of leaning back, filled with pride, thinking of “those children/student ministry people’s issues.”