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Nick Foles

Nick Foles: A Pastor in Training in the Super Bowl

Nick Foles might be the starting quarterback in Super Bowl LII but he's looking forward to the day when he can be a pastor.
Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz: How Scripture Got Me Through Injury

Carson Wentz said of his injury, “(God) knew exactly what he was doing. I might not have seen it. I’m still trying to figure out why. I could drive myself crazy trying to figure that out. But at the end of the day I’m trusting that he has a perfect plan for my life.”
Christian football players in the NFL

16 NFL Players Who LOVE Jesus (and Football)

A new NFL season is about to begin and no matter which team you root for, there are several outspoken Christian players in the NFL who you might want to follow. Here are 16 to keep an eye on.
Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz Lives Out His Faith in the Off-Season Too

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz is rolling out a new, free food truck that will serve the less privileged in the Philadelphia area.
Philadelphia eagles faith

Philadelphia Eagles Faith on Display After Exciting Victory

The Philadelphia Eagles' faith got first billing following a Super Bowl game for the ages.
Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz and the Super Faith of the Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz and several of his teammates began the season praying for humility and surrender. Their prayers were answered but not by way of a trip to the Super Bowl.

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