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Jack Graham

Jack Graham: Penalizing Women for Abortion Is Not Pro-Life

Pastor Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church has clarified his position on abortion after opposing a proposed law that would have allowed abortion-seekers to be charged with homicide.

Jihadists in Western Africa Kill 6 More Church-Goers

The Sahel region in Africa has seen escalating violence these last few years. In Burkina Faso, two attacks on churches have occurred less than a month apart.
women preachers

Pulpit or Not, Women Preach All the Time

Whether you give a woman a title, a salary or a position won’t affect whether or not she preaches. There are women preachers everywhere.
spiritual warfare

Exorcism Summit Focused on Combatting the Church’s Common Enemy

The Catholic Church is drawing attention to spiritual warfare this week as it hosts a summit on exorcism and invites leaders from other Christian traditions to participate.
morris kahn

Israel’s Push to Get the Bible on the Moon

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to make sure that the Bible is present when Israel is finally successful in its attempts to land on the moon, attempts which have been initiated and partially funded by investor Morris Kahn.
pray for

Ramadan Is a Time for Christians to Pray–For Their Muslim Neighbors

Since so many people will be seeking a spiritual encounter in a more focused way during the month of Ramadan, this is an incredible opportunity for us as Christians to pray for a true encounter with God on behalf of our Muslim neighbors.  
Satanic Temple

What You Need to Know About the Newly Minted Satanic Temple ‘Religion’

By recently granting tax-exempt status to the Satanic Temple, the IRS now officially acknowledges the group as a religion. “This acknowledgment will help make sure...
Asia Bibi update

Asia Bibi Is Truly Free Now and in Canada

Asia Bibi has finally arrived in Canada after years of imprisonment and months of hiding in fear. The Christian mother is finally able to...
Israel Folau

‘Homosexuality Sends People to Hell’ Says Highest-Paid Rugby Player

Israel Folau is Australia’s highest-paid rugby player and number one hope for Australia winning the upcoming World Cup in September. However, a comment about homosexuality Folau posted to his social media accounts could cost the talented rugby star and devout Christian his career.
ramadan 2019

Muslim Leader: Use Ramadan to Pray for Freedom of Christian Girl

Nigerian professor Ishaq Akintola has called for his fellow Muslims to offer a particular request to God during Ramadan 2019. Specifically, Akintola wants Muslims to pray for the freedom of the girls, including Christian Leah Sharibu, who remain captives of the terrorist group Boko Haram.
edward luce

Secular Writer Highlights the Error of the Prosperity Gospel

Writing for the Financial Times, Edward Luce tackles the continued appeal of the prosperity gospel, what its teachers (like Joel Osteen) believe, and how it's so far off from orthodox Christianity. Dr. Albert Mohler believes Luce's article hits the nail on the head.
what does the bible say about slavery

According to This Version of the Bible, Slavery Is Justifiable

What does the Bible say about slavery? If you read the "Slave Bible," it only has affirming things to say about it.
Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans, the Doubt-Filled Prophet, Has Died

After a sudden and brief illness, progressive author Rachel Held Evans died. She leaves behind a husband and two small children, plus countless people who have been touched by her work. 
health care workers

Religious Health Care Workers Will Now Have the Right to Refuse

Thanks to a new rule from the Health and Human Services department, health care workers now have the right to refuse certain kinds of care to patients if the care such as abortions and gender reassignment surgery, if such care goes against their religious beliefs.
stranded teens

The ‘Hand of God’ Rescues Teens Stranded in the Ocean

Teenagers Tyler Smith and Heather Brown, who attend Christ’s Church Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, were swimming at Vilano Beach when they got pulled out to sea by a riptide. The stranded teens grew increasingly weaker when they prayed to God and a boat named the “Amen” came to their rescue.
Warren Wiersbe

The Great Bridge Builder Warren Wiersbe Is in Heaven Now

Many call Warren Wiersbe the "pastor's pastor," but his grandson, Dan Jacobson, likes to think of him as a bridge builder. During his lifetime, Wiersbe served the evangelical church in so many different capacities, he was a real servant of the Kingdom of God.
pentecostal churches

If You Want to Pastor in Uganda, You Better Have a Degree

Pentecostal churches in Uganda are preparing to fight a proposed government policy that would require pastors to have a theological degree.
reading god's word

Volunteers Read the Bible for 90 Hours Straight at the U.S. Capitol

Today is the last day of the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon, which consists of volunteers reading God's word in its entirety in front of the nation’s Capitol Building without commentary for 90 hours straight.
Ohio Wesleyan University

UMC Fallout: Colleges, Confirmands Not Happy With Traditional Plan

Baldwin Wallace University and Ohio Wesleyan University are among the UMC entities that are not happy with the Traditional Plan, which requires churches to adhere to a traditional view of marriage between a man and woman. The schools are threatening to cut ties with the UMC.
Bill Hybels accusations

Church Makes ‘Full-Throated Apology’ to Hybels’ Victims

The reconciliation needed in the wake of the Bill Hybels accusations has not yet taken place, says First Baptist Church of Athens, Texas. The church, which has been a member of the Willow Creek Association for 23 years, has written a public apology and has called on “everyone” to sign it.

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