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State of the Bible: Swath of Committed Christians Don’t Attend Church Monthly

Most of the youngest generations who identify as committed Christians likely do not attend church at least once monthly, the American Bible Society (ABS) said in the latest release from its 2022 State of the Bible.

‘Online Missionary’ Streams Video Games, Bible Studies To Reach Internet Audience

For Joshua Clayton, talking to people about Jesus has always been a part of who he is, even while playing video games or creating online content.

Why the Largest US Lutheran Denomination Apologized to a Latino Congregation

The top bishop of the ELCA asked for Rev. Megan Rohrer, the denomination's first transgender bishop, to resign after Rohrer’s removal of the pastor of a Latino congregation on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

New Book Invites Christians To Rethink Homelessness

When he began working at The Center, an LA-based nonprofit that hopes to “break the cycle of homelessness through radical hospitality,” Kevin Nye thought he had all the answers. He soon found out he’d been mistaken.

‘God’s Not Done With Us’—Venue Church Pastor Tavner Smith Confirms Foreclosure Notice, but Says Church Will Not Shut Down

After denying that Venue Church will be shutting down, lead pastor Tavner Smith confirmed Sunday that a bank has put a notice of foreclosure on the church’s building. Smith said that church leaders nevertheless expect to retain the building and reiterated that Venue Church will not be closing.

Lifeway Research: Pastors Identify Modern-day Idols, Comfort Tops List

Idols don’t always come in the form of carved statues or reside in places of worship. Many pastors believe modern-day idols can be benign-looking desires with significant influence on people in their congregations.

Olivia Newton-John Said the Lord’s Prayer Nightly After God Saved Her Baby

Following the death of singer, actress, and activist Olivia Newton-John on Monday (August 8), statements have surfaced from one of her final interviews. On a February 2021 episode of the podcast “A Life of Greatness,” Newton-John detailed a pact she made with God while pregnant with her only child.

FBI Executes Search Warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago; Christian Leaders React

On Monday, the FBI executed a search warrant at former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Christian leaders took to social media with their reactions.

‘Community Lighthouses’ Powered by the Sun and Church Volunteers

A project launching in southeast Louisiana called Community Lighthouses aims to help people who are especially vulnerable during extended power outages. Together New Orleans, a non-partisan network of churches and groups that tries to fix community problems, is sponsoring the project.

Churches Can Be ‘Personalized Ministry Partner’ for Local Schools

In the midst of the back-to-school season, Southern Baptist churches are loving and serving the students, teachers and schools in their communities.

Christians Still Displaced From Northern Iraq 8 Years After ISIS Invasion

Christians largely remain displaced from the once vibrant Nineveh Plains, Iraq, eight years after the Islamic State decimated the region, a Christian charity working in the area said.

Tony and Lauren Dungy: On Faith and Family, Football and Race, Winning and Losing

Retired NFL coach Tony Dungy and his wife Lauren see the key parts of their life — football and family — as forms of ministry.

Churches’ Freedom Affirmed Again by Federal Court

The freedom of churches and other religious organizations to make employment decisions based on their beliefs has again gained support in the federal court system.

Papa Johns ‘Lost Its Way’ Because of Losing Conservative Values Focused on ‘Truth and God,’ Says Former CEO

Papa Johns founder and former CEO John Schnatter says the company is declining in quality, customers and income due to a loss of conservative values, key elements of which are “truth and God.”

SBC President Bart Barber Names Abuse Task Force Members

Southern Baptist Convention President Bart Barber has announced the members and leaders of those making up the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force (ARITF).

Kansas City Royals Pitcher Luke Weaver Wears ‘Bible Glove’ He Helped Design

Luke Weaver, known for his nearly 100 mph fastball, co-designed a faith inspired Bible glove released by Absolutely Ridiculous Innovation for Athletes.

Christian Leaders Express Outrage at Alex Stein Video from CPAC

A number of Christian leaders are expressing outrage at a viral video captured at the Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) over the weekend, wherein...

Roger Stone Raises Money for ‘God-Fearing Christian’ Alex Jones

After a Texas jury last week ordered “Infowars” host Alex Jones to pay $49.3 million in damages to Sandy Hook parents, fellow conservative Roger Stone began raising money for him.

Pastors of Very Small Churches Express Joy, Commitment, Challenges

Joys and challenges await pastors of small churches. For example, small church pastors report a sense of intimacy not common among larger congregations, but often serve bi-vocationally or draw a retirement income.

Vatican Economy Czar: ‘The Pope’s Mission Is Underfunded’

The Catholic Church’s financial chief warned that “a very uncertain period lies ahead” for the Vatican’s financial health, even as he reported significant progress in reducing the church’s budget deficit.

Rick Warren Successor Andy Wood Apologizes for 2021 Mark Driscoll Interview;...

Andy Wood, named as Rick Warren’s successor at Saddleback Church, has apologized for inviting Mark Driscoll to speak at the 2021 Echo Leadership Conference. Critics, however, say Wood's apology leaves too many questions unanswered.

Podcast Special: Dave Ferguson Gives 4 Habits for Healthy, Lasting Ministry

What are some of the practices that we can embrace as ministry leaders that will help sustain our joy through both the highs and lows of ministry? Join Dave Ferguson for a candid, backstage conversation.

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