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Shannon Martin is Podbean’s Director of Communications, serving as a liaison to the podcasting community since 2014. Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting and audio services as an industry leader since 2006. As a long-time podcast fan, Shannon enjoys being able to help creators get their messages out to the world. Shannon has been working in marketing and communications for over 15 years, helping businesses communicate their messages and build community. You can find podcasting resources at https://blog.podbean.com/ and reach Shannon at shannonm@podbean.com.

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President Trump Orders That Churches Can Open This Weekend…That’s Tomorrow

On Friday May 22, President Trump declared that churches are essential and ordered that churches open this Sunday, Memorial weekend. Here's how church leaders and members responded.

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Tim Mackie and Jon Collins: This Is Why It’s Hard to...

BibleProject's Tim Mackie and Jon Collins say it's not surprising if people find the Bible hard to understand. "Most people," says Tim, "aren’t in the habit of reading ancient texts from across the planet from thousands of years ago, and that’s what the Bible is."