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Today’s children’s ministry leaders face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, children’s pastors need leadership resources and children’s ministry resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times for children and families. is dedicated to providing resources and information for every children’s pastor and children’s ministry leader. If you serve on a church staff as a children’s minister, children’s pastor, director of Christian education, preschool minister, family ministry leader, or any other pastoral role, you’ll find must-have children’s ministry resources and connections to a community of children’s ministry leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide.

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Leading your children’s ministry and family ministry is not only about teaching and building relationships, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Mr. Rogers

Tips for Teaching Kids From Mr. Rogers in Ways That Reach Them

Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers) hosted a television show by his name for children from 1968 to 2001.  He was also a Presbyterian minister. Here's what we can learn from him.
single dads

How Do You Help the Single Dads in Your Church?

When many people think “single parent” they automatically think of the single mom. While single moms do make up the majority of single parents,...

Don’t Dumb Down Bible Stories for Kids

Faith, the foundation upon which we call ourselves children of God, is not only common to the whole community, but actually exemplified in children (according to Christ). Discover more about the importance of theology for kids.

Take Kids Through the Red Sea: Creative Sunday School Lesson for Kids

If you want kids to really get into the lesson, then you've got to go beyond lecturing and make it an experience. Here's an example. You can tell the kids that Moses lead the Israelites through the Red Sea. Learn more about this creative kidmin lesson.
summer in kidmin

How You Can Stay on Track for Summer in Kidmin

The summer season often brings with it disconnect, lack of volunteers, and the struggle to connect with kids regularly. Many kids’ pastors I talk to express their frustrations and discontent with the way ministry happens over the summer months. Discover ideas to stay on track for summer in kidmin.

This One Event Grew Our Bible Class by Over 300%

Bible Science is my favorite time of the year because it is so much fun, kids beg for it and it brings children to church that might not have come otherwise. We saw an increase in mid-week attendance of over 300% on our first night! Check out this exciting Bible class idea.
VBS Season

Keeping the Gospel at the Center of VBS Season

VBS leaders – because of you, kids are going to hear the gospel message. Because of your event, kids are going to experience the love of God and have a blast. Discover how to keep the Gospel at center in VBS season.
fun and games

Why I Believe Fun and Games Are Wrong in Kids Church

I wanted Kids to love coming to Kid’s Church more than going to Chuck E. Cheese, or laser tag, or a sleepover, or Disney. Discover more about fun in kid's church.

What’s the Point of Children’s Ministry if Children Don’t Come To Church?

When considering these facts, it can begin to feel as though children’s ministry or family ministry or next gen ministry is becoming…well, inconsequential. Find out more about the importance of leaving a legacy with children's ministry.

LGBTQ Indoctrination Aimed At Kids

Make no mistake about it - One thing is for sure - the LGBTQ agenda is determined to indoctrinate the next generation. Their goal is for your children and grandchildren to accept LGBTQ as a normal lifestyle. Discover more about the LGBTQ indoctrination of kids.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Summer Missions Component with Your VBS

There are few parts of VBS that are as simple yet so impactful as adding a missions component. And as we said, there are many, many opportunities to partner with some great organizations. Discover how to add a mission component to your VBS.
reach your grandkids

How to Reach Your Grandkids With the Gospel Part 2

We must preach the gospel to our kids, but we must teach them to preach the gospel to themselves. We have to preach to our hearts so we can teach them to preach to theirs. Discover more about how to reach your grandkids with the Gospel.
passing the baton

Passing the Baton: How to Reach Your Grandkids With the Gospel

How do we go about passing the baton of faith not just to our children, but to our grandchildren? It turns out we can learn a lot about the answer to this question from the books of Judges and Deuteronomy.
Difficult Conversations: Asking Leaders to Step Down

Difficult Conversations: Asking Leaders to Step Down

Sometimes you have to ask a leader to step down. Here are some pointers to let grace and truth lead this conversation.

What Billy Graham Can Teach Us About Failing as a Father

Fatherhood is tough. If you have more than three friends, you probably know someone who feels like he's failing as a father. But the life of Billy Graham demonstrates that our failures don't have to define us.
how to be a good dad

A Vital Verse for Dads (How to Be a Good Dad)

Is there hope for those of us who want to know how to be a good dad, but also blow it from time to time due to our anger?
special needs church ministry

Why You Should Not Welcome My Special Needs Child to Your Church

How strong is your special needs church ministry? We should all search our hearts for the possibility that we are hindering special needs families from contributing to the Body of Christ.
serve young families

When Sundays are Hard: How You Can Serve Young Families in Your Church

When I arrive at church on Sunday, any ounce of judgment I once felt toward families trotting in late has been replaced with empathy. “They deserve a round of applause for making it today.” Discover more about how to serve young families.
object lessons

10 Object Lessons to Teach Kids About Giving

Here are 10 object lessons we've used in recent months to teach kids about giving. Feel free to use these in your ministry.

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