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Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

Children’s Ministry in a World That Promotes Two Dads

LGBTQ values are targeting children at younger and younger ages. Here's an example. A new children's show called Ridley Jones features a nonbinary dinosaur and a character with two dads.

Tired of Outrage? Let’s DO Something!

The other day I told a friend that I am tired of outrage. I’m tired of laying blame. I’m tired of dissecting and analyzing and judging and criticizing. I think we need to be more than outraged.

10 Bulletin Board Ideas for Children’s Church

In the digital age, it’s important to keep your children’s ministry website and social media pages updated. But don’t overlook the role of low-tech yet high-impact bulletin board ideas.

Bible Verse Games: 10 Fun Group Activities for Children

Bible verse games are a great way to engage young learners while helping them hide Scripture in their hearts. Enjoy trying out these fun Bible verse games with groups of children!

Partnering With Parents in Children’s Ministry: 10 Key Needs to Meet

Prior to becoming a father, my self-assessment of high-quality children's ministries was a bit overstated. Now I have a much better grasp of what parents are looking for and what partnering with parents in children's ministry requires.

Our Kids Are Watching

I’ve been alive 50 years, and I’ve never seen our country so divided. I don’t think many adults are stopping to consider: our kids are watching.

8 Easy, Affordable Ideas for Children’s Church Room Design

Does your children’s church room design delight kids and parents? Are young learners excited to spend time learning in the space you’ve designed for them? Check out these fresh new ideas for children’s church room design.

10 Safety and Security Mistakes Churches Make

Every church that wants to grow in today's culture must make safety and security a top priority. When parents walk in the doors of your church, they are wondering "Is my child going to be safe here?"

Scripture About Children: 28 Bible Verses to Share With Kids

Scripture about children appears throughout the Bible. It’s important for parents, Sunday school teachers and children’s ministers to share these verses with kids and remind them of God's great love for them.

Children’s Ministry Leadership: 7 Essential Qualities

As with any other area of the church, programs aimed at children require strong, effective leadership. Solid children's ministry leadership teams make great children's ministries possible. 

Lord’s Prayer Craft Idea: A Colorful Bracelet for Kids

Children of all ages love to make crafts. Here’s a fun, easy idea for a Lord’s Prayer craft that kids can make and wear. The colorful bracelet will remind children about this important prayer.

Salvation: Is Jesus Really the Only Way to Heaven?

Share with kids that salvation isn't based on what you do, but rather on who you know as your Savior...Jesus.

How to Discipline With Love: 3 Essential Everyday Practices

One crucial key to parenting is knowing how to discipline with love. I learned that from experience.

Summer Family Activity Packet: Journey With Paul

These five activities invite the family to engage with the people, places and teachings of Paul.

Children’s Sermon on Fear: A Free Interactive Lesson

All children are familiar with fear, which means a children's sermon on fear is timeless. This free interactive experience is designed as a practical, meaningful children's sermon on fear.

Change the World: Help Your Kids Avoid Negative Christianity

I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I don’t want to raise my children to buy into the lie of negative Christianity.

Object Lesson on Prayer: Jesus Gets Excited When We Pray

Finding fun, meaningful children’s ministry lessons can be challenging, especially for a wide range of ages. I’m always on the lookout for easy yet cool finds. For this object lesson on prayer, I was inspired by fizzy antacid tablets. Effervescence is awesome!

How Do You Help the Single Dads in Your Church?

Single dads are on the rise. Here's how to minister to them.

Dads, Your Humble Willingness to Apologize to Your Kids Speaks Volumes

Though he could at times be good-natured and funny, my dad's default mood seemed to be disapproval of us. Dads, be willing to apologize to your kids.

For Father’s Day: Most of Us Have Spotted Records

This Father's Day, appreciate your dad for what he did right and forgive him for what he failed to get right.

Michigan Vigil Prays for Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti

More than 100 people gathered Sunday in a small Michigan town to pray for the safe release of a local family among 17 missionaries kidnapped by a gang in Haiti more than a week ago.

Beth Moore, Part 1: How Galatians Is ‘Astonishingly Relevant’ to American...

“You name any issue on the table today in the church at large," says Beth Moore, "it's somewhere most likely reflected in [Galatians].”

Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders