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VBS 2020

Children’s Ministers Determined to Make VBS Happen This Year

Churches consider virtual VBS, neighborhood VBS, and delayed in-person VBS as they plan for one of their biggest evangelism events of the year in the midst of a pandemic.
Zoom Background

Change Your Zoom Background to Engage Kids While Teaching Online

Did you know you can change your Zoom background while hosting online kids church (how-to instructions below)? You can be teaching from outer space, under the sea, or even in front of the city of Jerusalem, and you don’t have to use the same background the entire time.
7 Family Dinner Conversation Starters

7 Family Dinner Conversation Starters

In my opinion, there’s no better place in the family where memories can be made than around the family dinner table. It’s potentially one of the easiest ways for parents to invest into their children, especially when they’re intentional about it.
kids can serve

10 Great Ways Kids Can Serve at Church

Did you know that studies show that kids and teenagers who serve in their local church are far less likely to walk away from their faith as they get older? And there are great ways kids can serve at church. 
Then Came COVID-19 … And Then Came the Greatest Generation of Disciples

First Came COVID-19 … And Then Came the Greatest Generation of Disciples

How will the church walk them through this trauma to help them become the Greatest Generation of Disciples? Yes, that could be the ultimate positive outcome for this generation or any generation.
object lessons for kids

10 Bible Object Lessons for Kids to Grab Their Attention

Object lessons that will have your kids talking and thinking all week.
time capsule

Mom Creates ‘COVID-19 Time Capsule’ Worksheets for Families During Pandemic

“Everyone is going to talk about it. You know, ‘what grade were you in when you couldn’t go to school?,’ that sort of thing. And their kids are going to ask them,” Natalie Long says. This creative mother has created a set of time capsule worksheets to help parents and kids memorialize this unusual time.
Family Game Ideas

5 Awesome Family Game Ideas

One of the things our family loves to do is play games together. In fact, we have one night each week designated as “Family Game Night.” Here are our best family game ideas.
Easter puns

10 Eggscelent Easter Puns That Will Crack Your Kids Up

Easter is just around the corner and chances are high your kids are already eggs-cited. These 10 Easter puns are Sunday School friendly and...punny.
virtual classroom

The Dark Side of Zoom: FBI Warns Parents of Attacks on New Virtual Classrooms

Federal officials are warning Zoom users this week after increased reports of hackers pose a privacy and security threat to users across the country--especially those using the platform as a virtual classroom.
Easter at Home

Top Pick for Easter at Home 2020: Easterrific Faith Adventure

This colorful, action-packed resource for Easter at Home will provide parents with fun, easy-to-do activities that create meaningful connections with each other and memorable encounters with Jesus.
Livestream Worship

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Worship Through Livestream

For many families, the shift of churches to livestream worship presents a great opportunity to teach younger children how to sit through a worship service.
Kids Need Big Theology

Parents, Your Kids Need Big Theology

Let them grow into understanding the big truths of Scripture by building a foundation that will shape and guide them as they learn and understand the big words and the big theology of the gospel.
Tips for Parents Who Are Suddenly Homeschooling

Tips for Parents Who Are Suddenly Homeschooling

For parents who are suddenly homeschooling, I sought the advice of some of my favorite moms who have been doing this homeschool thing for awhile now, several of whom are also working moms.
Helping Kids Stay Calm During the Pandemic

Helping Kids Stay Calm During the Pandemic

Here are some practical steps parents and church leaders can take for helping kids stay calm during the turmoil the pandemic is causing.
Answering Kids' Questions About Why God Allows Things Like Pandemics

Answering Kids’ Questions About Why God Allows Things Like Pandemics

It's important to prepare yourself to have conversations with children about what is happening so you're prepared for answering kids' questions. One of the questions you may be called upon to answer is WHY is God allowing this to happen?
vbs 2020

Summer VBS 2020 … 6 Options for Children’s Ministers

During this season of social distancing with quarantines, sheltering in place, and online church, children’s ministry leaders are looking forward to VBS 2020 and wondering what they will do in the age of Covid-19. Here are 6 potential options to explore.
Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt

Can’t Do an Easter Egg Hunt? Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt Alternative

This family-focused Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt does not require social interaction, other than family members, and utilizes the outdoors, technology, and some creative storytelling to help families engage with the Easter story.
children's sermons

6 Children’s Sermons for Parents to Use at Home This Easter

During this season while church gatherings are postponed, children's ministry leaders and parents wonder what to do with the kids on Sunday morning. What about their children's sermons? their Bible lessons? How will they keep learning?
Church Attendance

Church and Families: The Latest Statistics on Attendance

One of the biggest areas of concern right now is the frequency of church attendance for families. Families that used to attend 3 out of 4 weeks now attend twice a month.  Families that used to attend twice a month now attend once a month or even less.

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