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Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

Divorce and Families: How to Care for Children and Their Parents

Divorce affects about half the families in your church and children's ministry. Learn how to offer healing and support for kids and parents.

Encouragement for Children’s Ministry Volunteers: 20 Quotes to Share

Encouragement for children’s ministry volunteers builds up your team. Share these 20 quotes with the valuable helpers at your church!

Theology of Children’s Ministry: 3 Reasons Doctrine Matters

Theology of children’s ministry and doctrine matter. Ignore the myth that they don't!

Mother’s Day Craft and Bible Message for Children

Need a simple Mother’s Day craft idea for Sunday school? Check out this free children’s message and Mother’s Day craft.

God Is Always With Us Craft: Teach Kids About God’s Watchful Eye

A God is always with us craft, or a God’s eye craft, is a childhood favorite. Discover designs and Bible symbolism for this fun project.

10 Lepers Object Lesson: KidMin Resources About Thanking God

A 10 lepers object lesson focuses on Jesus' healing power and people's response. Use these resources to teach children about gratitude to God.

Interactive Learning: The Power of Hands-on Sunday School Lessons

Interactive learning brings the Gospel message to life. Sunday school students learn and remember more when they actively participate in the lesson.

Communion for Kids: When Is It Appropriate for Children To Partake?

Communion for kids is a hot-button topic and a vital element of church life. Examine different perspectives about kids and communion.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Church’s KidMin Program

Have you tackled spring cleaning at your kidmin program yet? Use these 4 tips to make the process a breeze.

Children’s Ministry Event Ideas: 5 Tried-and-True Outreach Activities

Encourage families to reach out and share God’s love in your community with these 5 children's ministry event ideas.

10 Surprising Reasons Our Kids Leave Church

It's distressing to see our kids leaving Christianity. If you're wondering why they are, here are 10 surprising reasons kids eventually stop going to church.

Spring Object Lesson for Children: God Cares for Flowers and You!

In this spring object lesson, kids discover that just as God cares for flowers, he cares for them, too.

Church Service Projects: 12 Outreach Activities for Children

Church service projects aren't just for teens and adults. Try these 12 community service activities with your children's ministry kids.

Family Olympic Games Ideas: 6 Kid-Friendly Indoor Activities

Family Olympic games ideas are a hit for summer. These 6 Olympics-style activities are fun for everyone!

Inspiring Values: Teaching Compassion & Character in Children’s Ministry

Instilling inspiring values is a key part of children’s ministry and Christian parenting. While teaching kids about Jesus and the Bible, we also foster community, compassion, and character.

6 Personal Leadership Habits That Will Ignite Your Ministry

How are your leadership habits? All of us involved in spiritual formation want to lead people well, but sometimes we forget that leading others begins by leading ourselves.

Explaining the Trinity to Children: 3 Important Teaching Tips

Explaining the Trinity to children can be challenging. We can’t fully understand God's three-in-one nature. Yet we can teach kids about the Trinity.

Children’s Bible Questions and Answers: Tips for Discussing God’s Word

For children’s Bible questions and answers, use these tips from a kidmin expert.

Churches Lead the Charge in the Fight Against Child Abuse

We want your church to participate in the 30th Annual Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for Abused Children. We are asking churches to take a moment in their Sunday Service on April 28 to pray for the millions of abused children in our country.

Easter Devotions With Impact: 3 Surprising Lessons for Children

Easter devotions help families and children discover more about Jesus. Share the surprise and joy of the Resurrection with these resources.

‘Pray for Me’—Beth Moore Shares That She ‘Seriously’ Needs Surgery

Bible teacher Beth Moore shared that she is in urgent need of surgery, news that she received after meeting with one of the top neurosurgeons in Houston on Friday, June 14.

Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury: What Makes a Healthy Youth Ministry

Dr. Kara Powell and Jen Bradbury join “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share their insights into how youth leaders can most effectively help teens cultivate a faith that lasts for their entire lives.

Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders