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Children's Ministry How To's

How to Make a Child Feel Loved: 12 Easy Yet Powerful Ideas

Are you wondering how to make a child feel loved and valued? It's not that difficult but much needed. Anyone can use these 12 tips to show love to kids.

Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers: 12 Helpful Points

Classroom management tips for new teachers can help them thrive. That's especially important in Sunday school classes. So read and share these 12 expert suggestions!

6 Secrets to Effective Easter Follow-Up

Dale Hudson offers six ways to get your Easter visitors to become consistent attendees.

These YouTube Channels are Maliciously Targeting Young Children with Terrifying Content

It’s unfortunate we live in a world where people maliciously put such videos on the internet—clearly targeting small children. Hopefully, with these safeguards in place, you can reduce the risk of your child seeing something disturbing on YouTube.

How to Be a Hero to Your Children’s Ministry Team

"Make your leadership about relationships, not requirements."

Leadership: 5 Ways to Care for Your Team

"Pay attention to the condition of the people under your care."

How to Talk to Kids About Terrorism

"Just be available for your kids. This is the best thing you can do for your children during this tumultuous age of terrorism."

Teaching Kids to Pray: 6 Tips for Modeling a Prayer-Filled Life

Teaching kids to pray is one of the most important roles of Christian parents and Sunday school teachers. Read on for six simple but powerful tips for teaching children how to pray.

Helping Children Benefit From the Sermon

Erik Raymond suggests some things he has done as a dad and a pastor to help kids hear and understand the message in "big church."

4 Awesome Games for Kids…Tag and Chase

Looking for some good run-around games to play outside this summer? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

How Should You Explain the Same-Sex Marriage Debate to Children?

Use this article to give you words to use with your own children or to advise the parents in your ministry.

6 Ways to Engage Kids in Your Programs

Each of these alone will contribute greatly to growth in your ministry. Combine them and the impact will be exponential.

How to Get Money for the Kids’ Ministry

Quit begging for money. Instead, ask yourself: What motivates your pastor?

A Hurting Child: 5 Simple Ways to Make a REAL Difference

Wherever he is in your world, he is present. However her hurt manifests, it is there. Whatever has caused it, the pain is real. And the question for you, grown up … is what do you do with that?

Helping Parents Develop Their Child’s Faith With Catechism

Help parents make the truths of the Gospel something their children can quickly recall and use when it fits their everyday lives.

Fighting FOMO: How to Disconnect Your Kids

What is FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out. It's your child's deep-rooted fear of missing something while he/she is disconnected from social media.

Self-Evaluation for the Kidmin Leader

Jim Wideman: "If you don’t identify ways that you can grow as a leader, you’ll never reach your next level. How do you do this?"

How to Partner with Public Schools

At the end of the day, being a church that impacts the community is what the church should be about.

How to Talk to Kids About Heaven and Hell

Different children grasp various concepts at different ages, but here are some simple, general guidelines to help you as you talk to kids about this sometimes-tricky subject.

Dan Cathy Shares Leadership Advice From His Years at Chick-fil-A: ‘Never...

.@ChickfilA board chairman @dancathy recently shared that the purpose of America’s #1 favorite restaurant’s is “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that’s entrusted” to them.

Holly Catterton Allen: How Your Church Can Help Children Be Spiritually...

Dr. Holly Catterton Allen joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain that, contrary to what we might assume, children are deeply spiritual and to share how churches can help kids develop resilience.

Children's Ministry How To's