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How to Make a Child Feel Loved: 12 Easy Yet Powerful Ideas

how to make a child feel loved

Are you wondering how to make a child feel loved and valued? It’s not that difficult but much needed. Whether you’re a Sunday School teacher, a children’s pastor, a volunteer, or someone who wants to make an eternal difference in a child’s life, you have what it takes.

Just use these 12 tips for how to make a child feel loved and valued.

12 Tips: How to Make a Child Feel Loved

1. Give them a COMPLIMENT.

Everyone enjoys hearing something nice about themselves, especially kids. Most of the time, they probably need to hear something good about themselves.

2. Send them a POSTCARD.

Kids absolutely love getting mail. In a kid’s world, only adults get mail. So it’s a big deal when something arrives with their name on it.

3. Use their NAME.

Nothing is so sweet to hear as the sound of one’s own name. You can call a kid “buddy” or “sweetheart” only so often before they catch on.

4. Make your first words VALUABLE.

Talking negatively toward a child won’t get you far if you haven’t first invested into them positively. So establish a relationship before trying to enforce rules.

5. Kneel to their EYE LEVEL.

Getting down on their level speaks volumes about how much you care. It’s a big deal when an adult intentionally speaks to a child eye to eye.

6. Ask them about their WEEK.

Kids have a life too. Show you care by finding out about it. You might be surprised what you learn.

7. PRAY with them.

When you ask a child what you can pray with them about, you’re opening a door of spiritual influence. All kids have something they’ll let you pray for, if you’ll ask.