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Calvin University to Add School of Health With $15 Million Gift

Funded by an anonymous alumni donor whose gift was the second largest in the school's history, Calvin University will establish a school of health.

Christian Writer Danté Stewart on Expanding ‘Theological Imagination’ to Include the Black Experience

In an interview with Religion News Service, Christian writer Danté Stewart discusses his experiences with white evangelicalism, learning to embrace the Black church tradition of his upbringing, and expanding his "theological imagination" to include the Black experience.

Kamala Harris’ Sunday Morning Address Draws Comparisons to Mike Pence’s SBC Speech

A video of Vice President Kamala Harris promoting Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe will be broadcast in more than 300 Black churches from Oct. 17 to Nov. 2.

Legislators Seek to Repeal Parental Notification Law for Abortions in Illinois

Alarmed and at the same time energized by a Texas law that bans most abortions, Democrats in the Illinois are pushing to repeal a law requiring parental notification at least 48 hours before a minor 17 or younger seeks an abortion.

17 Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti, Notorious Gang Suspected

A notorious Haitian gang known for brazen kidnappings and killings has been accused of abducting 17 missionaries from a U.S.-based organization. Five children were believed to be among those kidnapped, including a 2-year-old.

Colin Powell Dies From COVID-19 Complications at 84

Former United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell, passed away from COVID-19 complications at the age of 84 on Monday morning, October 18, 2021.

Are Worship Concerts All About Money? Tomlin United Tour Sparks Online Debate

Chris Tomlin sparked online discussion about consumerism within evangelicalism after announcing his Tomlin United tour, where he will be co-headlining with Hillsong United and featuring Pat Barrett. The controversy centers on the “VIP experiences” available for purchase alongside admission tickets. 

Wife Who Fought to ‘Save Saeed’ Says Christian Leaders Failed to Act on Her Abuse Claims

Naghmeh Panahi, who fought to "Save Saeed" Abedini, her pastor husband who had been imprisoned in Iran, now claims that key Christian leaders, including Franklin Graham, failed to act on her claims that Abedini was physically and emotionally abusive to her.

Boy Known As ‘Pastor Caleb’ to Celebrate 10th Birthday With Community Revival

Nine-year-old Caleb Rodgers from Tupelo, Miss., is not letting cerebral palsy stop him from holding a community-wide revival for his 10th birthday.

‘Amen Church’ in Dallas, Texas Doesn’t Pay Its Pastors, Casts Vision to Reach the Disenfranchised

Amen Church, a new church plant in Dallas, Texas is trying an unconventional church model. None of their pastors or leaders will take a salary, instead using weekly donations to fund charitable community initiatives.

Study: Attendance Hemorrhaging at Small and Midsize US Congregations

A new survey of 15,278 religious congregations across the United States confirms trends sociologists have documented for several decades: Congregational attendance across the country is shrinking.

Report on Menlo Church Finds Missteps But No Evidence of Abuse

Menlo Church and its longtime former pastor, John Ortberg, had come under fire for not disclosing that a children’s ministry volunteer confessed to being sexually attracted to minors.

‘The Bible Belt Is Unbuckling’: Evangelical Pastor Weighs in on Christian Nationalism

Patriot Church and Life Church are located in the same city, but they could not be more different. Patriot Church advocates far-right politics, while Pastor Philip Nordstrom of Life Church grows concerned about the threat of Christian nationalism within the evangelical movement.

Ronnie Floyd Resigns as President of the SBC Executive Committee

Ronnie Floyd, the president and CEO of the Southern Baptists Convention Executive Committee, announced his resignation Thursday night in a letter sent to the Executive Committee and SBC members.

Archbishop of the Military Defends Those Who Refuse Vaccines

The prelate who oversees Catholics in the U.S. military issued a statement Tuesday supporting service members who have refused COVID-19 vaccines on religious grounds.

Al Mohler Responds to Presbyterian Minister Who Claims Abortion Is ‘Morally Good’

In a recent article in USA Today, professor of religious studies and ordained minister Rebecca Todd Peters argued that abortion can be a “morally good decision.” Dr. Albert Mohler responded to Peters’ article, saying that the pro-abortion argument has gone “for broke.”

The Reformed Church in America Faces Rupture Over LGBTQ Gridlock

This week, one of North America’s oldest denominations will confront its gridlock over LGBTQ ordination and same-sex marriage. Votes cast in Tucson, Arizona, at the Reformed Church in America’s General Synod will chart the course for the already-splintering denomination.

Domestic Terrorism, Gender Identity and Sexual Assault: How Will VA School District Controversy Impact the Church?

When Scott Smith was arrested during a Loudoun County, Virginia, school board meeting in June, he was called an out-of-control parent, a bigot, and a domestic terrorist. But now Smith is sharing his side of the story.

Tim Tebow and Tony Dungy Weigh In on the Urban Meyer Controversy; ‘Disappointing’ and ‘Heartbreaking’

Christian sports analysts Tim Tebow and Tony Dungy share their reactions to Urban Meyer's compromising bar video.

Church of the Highlands Pastor Named Co-Defendant in Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Dino Rizzo, a member of the Senior Pastor Leadership Team at The Church of the Highlands in Alabama, is one of several defendants named in a lawsuit filed by Laura Ashley Eagan.

Gwen Shamblin Lara Accused of Being a Cult Leader in New...

A new docuseries on HBO Max about controversial “Weigh Down Diet” author and Remnant Fellowship church founder Gwen Shamblin Lara aims to expose Lara as a cult leader and her church as abusive.

Beth Moore, Part 1: How Galatians Is ‘Astonishingly Relevant’ to American...

“You name any issue on the table today in the church at large," says Beth Moore, "it's somewhere most likely reflected in [Galatians].”

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