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Trinity Baptist Church

Trinity Baptist ‘Turns Itself In,’ Apologizes to SBC, Greear, Victims of Abuse

Pastor Rodney Brown of Trinity Baptist Church admits to allowing a self-confessed sexual abuser to remain on staff at the church. He sincerely regrets that decision and is asking for forgiveness.

Katy Perry Tears Up Over Fellow ‘Church Kid’s’ Audition

Contestant Kalifa Wilson, aka “Kai the Singer,” moved the American Idol judges to tears with her audition. She credits her church with supporting her as a musician and helping her make it to the show.
Castle Church Brewing

Finding Jesus in a Taproom—Literally

The founders of Castle Church Brewing are asking: “Why can’t the gospel of Jesus Christ come to people where they’re at, in their everyday lives, even if that’s on a barstool in a taproom?”

Egypt Approves 156 New Churches While Failing to Protect Christians

The Egyptian government just announced that it has approved 156 new churches and affiliated buildings for use in the country. Despite this news, many believe that the government is paying lip service to the rights of Christians while doing little to actually defend those rights.
Lent 2019

All the Ways Christians Are Observing Lent This Year

A lot of Christians observe Lent and this year is no different. However, Lent 2019 is shaping up to be a little less-than-traditional.
right to refuse service Jack Phillips Masterpiece Cakeshop

Government’s Anti-Religious Bias Cited in Jack Phillips’ 2nd Victory

Once again, courts ruled in Jack Phillips' favor, meaning the Masterpiece Cakeshop baker maintains his right to refuse service due to his religious beliefs.

Bibles Not Harmed in Fire That Destroyed Church Building

Early in the morning on Sunday, March 3, a fire consumed the building of Freedom Ministries Church in Grandview, West Virginia. But remarkably, none...

This Black Pastor Is the New President of…a Neo-Nazi Group

Black civil rights activist Rev. James Stern has just become the president of the one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the United States.
executive committee

SBC Leader Resigns After Workgroup Hastily ‘Cleared’ Churches

Ken Alford, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee, resigned last week following that body's hasty dismissal of a request by SBC President Greear to look into 10 churches accused of improperly handling sexual abuse.
Church Under the Bridge

Chip and Joanna Quietly Attended a Different Church This Sunday

This weekend, Church Under the Bridge met for the first time at Magnolia Market at the Silos, which is owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The couple showed their support by attending the service.

Will Smith’s Son Teams Up With Church to Give Flint, MI, Clean Water

First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church of Flint, Michigan, is collaborating with actor Jaden Smith and the non-profit Last Kilometer to provide clean water to the community through a device called the Water Box.
Willow Creek Church Chicago report scandal

Report Finds Hybels’ Accusers Credible, Elder Board Faulty, Church Faithful

An independent report found plenty of problems with the leadership of Willow Creek Church Chicago. While it recommends changes in course for the leadership, the report found the church members themselves to be faithful.
General Conference

This Is How Tradition Prevailed at the UMC Conference

As delegates, bishops and all those who watched from home recover from the United Methodist Church’s Special Session of the General Conference in St....

Children Among 44 Arrested in Latest Injustice Against Chinese Church

Religious persecution continues in China. In the latest of many injustices that authorities have committed against the members of Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, 44 people were arrested and detained by police on Sunday, February 24.
pro life definition

This Pro-Life Film Is Rated ‘R’ for All the Right Reasons

A new film depicting the horrors of abortion has been rated "R" due to its abortion scenes. The film's producers think the rating is accurate but haven't missed the irony of it.
United Methodist Church homosexuality

It’s Official: UMC Votes for Traditional Marriage, No Gay Clergy

The United Methodist Church homosexuality debate was finally put to rest today following a vote to uphold a traditional stance on marriage and the ordination of clergy. But this does not mean that the denomination has a smooth road ahead.

Pastor in South Africa Claims He Raised a Man from the Dead

Pastor Alph Lukau, who leads Alleluia Ministries International in Johannesburg, South Africa, has claimed that he performed a miracle by restoring a man to life during a church service.
United Methodist Church

United Methodists Vote: No Same-Sex Weddings, No Gay Clergy

Delegates for the United Methodist Church are meeting in St. Louis this week to vote on whether to allow same-sex weddings to occur in their churches and whether to allow “self-avowed practicing homosexuals" to fulfill clergy roles.

Korn’s Brian Welch on Why There Is No ‘Christian’ Look

At the premier of Tim Tebow’s new film, "Run the Race," Korn member Brian “Head” Welch critiqued the idea that there is a certain “look” all Christians need to have.
Sovereign Grace Church SBC sexual abuse

Only 3 of the 10 Churches Named by Greear Warrant Review, Executive Committee Says

After J.D. Greear named 10 churches in danger of disfellowship over the handling of sexual abuse allegations, the Executive Committee of the SBC has decided only three warrant investigation, one of which is Sovereign Grace Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Latest News

Hundreds of Christians Dead in Nigeria as Violence Continues

Last Monday, terrorist group Boko Haram attacked the town of Michika in the Nigerian state of Adamawa. This attack is only one of many recent ones from Boko Haram and militant Fulani herdsmen across Nigerian states, including Kaduna, and Christians are often the targets.

New Podcasts

Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson: Pastors Are People, Too

Justin and Scott discuss the need for pastors to embrace their humanity and they believe spiritual disciplines can help them do that.