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pentecostal churches

If You Want to Pastor in Uganda, You Better Have a Degree

Pentecostal churches in Uganda are preparing to fight a proposed government policy that would require pastors to have a theological degree.
reading god's word

Volunteers Read the Bible for 90 Hours Straight at the U.S. Capitol

Today is the last day of the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon, which consists of volunteers reading God's word in its entirety in front of the nation’s Capitol Building without commentary for 90 hours straight.
Ohio Wesleyan University

UMC Fallout: Colleges, Confirmands Not Happy With Traditional Plan

Baldwin Wallace University and Ohio Wesleyan University are among the UMC entities that are not happy with the Traditional Plan, which requires churches to adhere to a traditional view of marriage between a man and woman. The schools are threatening to cut ties with the UMC.
Bill Hybels accusations

Church Makes ‘Full-Throated Apology’ to Hybels’ Victims

The reconciliation needed in the wake of the Bill Hybels accusations has not yet taken place, says First Baptist Church of Athens, Texas. The church, which has been a member of the Willow Creek Association for 23 years, has written a public apology and has called on “everyone” to sign it.
LifeWay Christian Resources

LifeWay Backs Out of Book Deal With Anne Marie Miller

“It does feel like the same song on repeat where well-established values aren't reconsidered in light of how the church—and the SBC—is moving to understand sexual abuse and trauma,” Miller says of her split with LifeWay Christian Resources.
block porn

College Students Are Asking for Porn Sites to Be Banned

At the beginning of April, students at Catholic University of America (CUA) narrowly passed a resolution to block porn sites from the university’s Wi-Fi. While the resolution does not affect CUA’s actual policy, it does send a message that porn is something many students are against.
James MacDonald Harvest Bible Chapel

James MacDonald Expected to Pay ‘unreimbursed personal expenses’

The leadership of Harvest Bible Chapel told the congregation they will be seeking reimbursement from James MacDonald for any personal expenses he paid for using the senior pastor's discretionary account over the last four years.
something in the water

‘Pop-Up Church’ Was a Highlight of Pharrell’s Big Music Festival

The Something in the Water (SITW) music festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia, featured many popular artists, as well as something a little different: a pop-up church service.
orthodox presbyterian church

Alleged Synagogue Shooter Member of Orthodox Presbyterian Church

An Orthodox Presbyterian Church in California reacts to the news that the suspected shooter who opened fire at the Chabad Synagogue on Saturday was a member of their church.
terrorism in Africa

6 People Killed in African Church, Including Pastor, Two Sons

A pastor and his two sons are dead after gunmen opened fire during a church service in a northern town in Burkina Faso. Terrorism in Africa, especially in the western region of Africa, has been increasing in recent years.
Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Jo Named in Time’s Top 100 Influential People

Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame have been nominated for Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People for 2019. The Christian couple is...
stop abortion

Church at Planned Parenthood? Yes, You Read That Right.

In an attempt to stop abortion, a church in Spokane, Washington, has planted a church that is slightly different from other church plants. It is called the Church at Planned Parenthood, and the movement has spread throughout the state and even to other cities in the country.
craig gross

Thanks to Craig Gross, Christian Cannabis Is Now a Thing

Craig Gross, founder of, has made a bold move: He’s decided to start his own company selling weed, and he’s calling it Christian Cannabis.
suicide bomber

Heroic Worshiper Saved Lives by Confronting Suicide Bomber

Ramesh Raju followed his instincts and denied entry to a stranger at Zion Church in Sri Lanka Easter morning. His act saved many lives, although it cost him his own.
sex life

Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Read the Bible and Pray With Your Spouse

A new study indicates religious couples that are committed to reading the Bible together and praying experience more than just spiritual benefits.
women of the bible

This Woman Is Showing Us the Women of the Bible in a New Way

Dikla Laor is an Israeli photographer who has embarked on a fascinating and ambitious project: creating “interpretive images” of all of the women in the Hebrew Bible, whether or not they are mentioned by name. By doing so, she is showing us the women of the Bible in a new way.
Billy Graham Rule

There Are Actually 4 ‘Billy Graham Rule'(s)

Everyone in evangelical Christendom has heard of the Billy Graham Rule. But did you know Graham and his team actually had 4 rules of integrity they followed?
sunday service

People Look for Meaning at Kanye’s Easter ‘Service’

Kanye West has been holding what he calls "Sunday service." These are exclusive and private gatherings featuring gospel music. But this past Easter Sunday, he held one such service publicly at the popular music festival, Coachella. And people's reactions to this "service" can teach us a lot.
Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans Needs Your Prayers, Not Your Disclaimers

Many evangelical leaders are chiming in about Rachel Held Evans' medical condition. The message is simple: She needs your prayers, not your disclaimers.
Easter bombing

Sri Lankan Church Leaders: ‘Why Was This Not Prevented?’

The Easter bombing attacks in Sri Lanka are raising a lot of questions. Specifically, if officials were warned of a potential terrorist threat, why didn't they take action to prevent it?

Latest News

Israel Folau Sacked for Expressing Beliefs on Homosexuality

The highest-paid rugby player in Australia has been fired after posting controversial statements about homosexuality on his social media accounts. Israel Folau claims he was simply quoting the Bible.

New Podcasts

Sam Allberry: You Don’t Have to Be Married to Minister

On the topic of singleness, Sam Allberry says most in the church would be happy to have Paul as their apostle, but not necessarily as their pastor. Join us as we talk to Sam about does and does not qualify someone for ministry.