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Can American Congregations Learn To Embrace the Uncoupled?

Evangelical churches seem to be the most dedicated to pursuing families as members — or creating families out of their single members.

New Animated Bible Series Aims To Reach Post-Reading Generation

The Christian production company Revelation Media will unveil its new animated Bible project on Easter, with the first segment aiming to depict the stories of the Book of Genesis in a child-friendly way.

Aaron Rodgers Discusses the Return of Christ With Joe Rogan: ‘Hope Is a Memory of the Future’

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently discussed the second coming of Jesus Christ with Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Rodgers and Rogan agreed that “it’d be good right around now.”

After Kansas City Shooting, Pastor Urges Faith Leaders To Be Prepared & Available

Following the Kansas City shooting that took place Feb. 14 near the end of a Super Bowl parade and rally, residents are reeling. Malachi O’Brien, pastor of The Church at Pleasant Ridge in Harrisonville, Missouri, shared that a family in his congregation was standing about 20 feet from a gunman.

Why Are So Many People Binge-Watching a Show About Jesus? Derwin Gray Talks to Ed Stetzer on ‘The Chosen’ Set

Dr. Derwin Gray believes people are longing not only for “authentic connection” but also for a true understanding of who Jesus really is. Gray joined Dr. Ed Stetzer, dean of the Talbot School of Theology, on the set of Season 4 of “The Chosen” for an exclusive interview.

‘Ordinary Angels’ Producer Andrew Erwin Hopes Film Will Inspire People To ‘Love Their Neighbor’

Set to be released in theaters on Feb. 23, "Ordinary Angels" tells the true story of a woman who rallies an entire community to help a widower raise money for his youngest daughter’s liver transplant.

‘Pick Up [Your] Cross and Follow Jesus,’ Says Pittsburgh Steelers’ Minkah Fitzpatrick While Accepting Bart Starr Award

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick was presented the Bart Starr Award at this year’s Super Bowl Breakfast, which took place the day before the big game.

A Jane Austen Lent: Archdeacon Explores the Novelist’s Spiritual Lessons

Rachel Mann’s latest book, ‘A Truth Universally Acknowledged: 40 Days With Jane Austen,’ pairs excerpts from Austen’s novels with reflections on virtues and vices.

Lenten Cease-Fire Campaign Includes Ash Wednesday Mass Outside White House

‘As there’s ashes on our head, there’s also blood on our hands because we cannot exempt ourselves from what this country is doing,’ said the Rev. Graylan Hagler, pastor emeritus of Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ.

Missouri Pastor Beaten With a Baseball Bat; Suspect Faces Multiple Charges

Gregory Darnell Seddens, Jr. is facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing property from and beating a Missouri pastor with a baseball bat.

10 Years After Writing ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza,’ Mike Posner Says His Life, Relationship With God Are Totally Turned Around

Mike Posner, who wrote the hit single “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” revealed on X (formerly Twitter), just how different his life is 10 years after he penned that song. Posner said that now he is concerned only about what God thinks of him and shared that his relationship with God is “on a whole new level.”

Kanye West Declares Himself ‘The New Jesus’ on Latest Album, Seemingly Celebrates Sexual Violence

Kanye West, who in 2021 won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album after releasing “Jesus Is King,” has released a new album in which he refers to himself as “the new Jesus.” 

Hearts and Ashes: 10 Ways To Celebrate Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day

When Ash Wednesday—the first day of the Christian season of penance—falls on Valentine's Day (or is it the other way around?), it's a curious marriage of holidays most sorrowful and saccharine.

With George Floyd in Mind, Bible Co-Editors Created Breathe Life Bible

Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore have known each other for almost three decades and have worked together on two specialty editions of the Bible.

Lakewood Church Shooter Had History of Mental Illness; Shooter’s 7-Year-Old Son in Critical Condition

Authorities have identified the Lakewood Church shooter as 36-year-old Genesse Ivonnee Moreno.

Mark Wahlberg, Jonathan Roumie Appear in Super Bowl Ad Encouraging Prayer During Lent

Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg and “The Chosen” star Jonathan Roumie appeared in a 30-second commercial for the Hallow app during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 11, where they encouraged viewers to pray during the season of the Lent.

Tim Tebow’s ‘Night To Shine’ Celebrates 10 Years of Sharing God’s Love

On Feb. 9, people with special needs were honored at Night to Shine events throughout the world. The event, launched a decade ago by the Tim Tebow Foundation, took place at 725 churches in 56 countries, in all 50 U.S. states, and on six continents.

Pastor Accused of Selling Meth out of Parsonage in Exchange for Watching Gay Couples Have Sex

A Connecticut pastor is facing multiple charges after being accused of selling crystal methamphetamine. Rev. Herbert Irving Miller was arrested on Friday (Feb. 9), after police pulled him over for driving a vehicle with a suspended registration.

Sex Is ‘Divine’: How Pope Francis Is Recasting Catholic Church’s Views on Intimacy

A book on sexuality by the Vatican’s doctrinal chief may have raised eyebrows, but Pope Francis has long been calling for the church to offer more robust teaching on sex.

For Black ‘Nones’ Who Leave Religion, What’s Next?

When Black Americans leave religion, they rarely leave it altogether. But even as they retain elements of Christian culture, what other communities are they embracing beyond the church?

Brian Houston Says His ‘Ladies and Girls Kissing’ Post Was Due...

Former Hillsong Church global senior pastor Brian Houston said that his X (formerly Twitter) account was hacked after the comment “ladies and girls kissing” was posted late Tuesday evening (Feb. 20) at 11:48 pm.

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, Part 2: How To Embrace God’s...

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin wrap up their conversation on “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast,” offering pastors ways to help guard against the misuse of power in ministry and encouraging them to persevere. 

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