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7 Things All Growing Churches Have in Common

At the end of the day, the church is all about helping people meet Jesus. Growing churches make decisions based on who they are trying to reach, not who they are trying to keep.

9 Traits of Mean Churches

I am hearing more from long-term members who are quitting church life completely. After collecting information from various former church members about their "mean churches," I found that such churches had nine character traits in common.

How To Know If Your Leadership Is Abusive

Ministry isn’t easy. Firm leadership and visionary leadership are necessary at times, hard decisions need to be taken and church discipline needs to be exercised, but there can be an overall tone, or an underlying current to a man’s ministry that is far from helpful.

The Top 5 Lies Christians Believe

There are hundreds of lies Christians believe, either collectively or individually. I chose these five lies Christians believe because I have personally seen them infiltrate the church, the lives of my friends and family and my own life.

Wisdom From Church Planters on Getting Your ‘First 50’

Many church planters are convinced that the right marketing plan or social media campaign is all it takes to do the job—but sometimes, old school techniques work the best.

5 Things That May Be Hindering Your Prayers

We’ve all been there. We pray. We wait. We wait. And then we wonder: “What did I do wrong?” Sometimes the problem isn’t on your end.  It might just not be God’s timing or God’s will… But sometimes it is.

Let’s Make Evangelism Great Again

Today, Derwin Gray calls upon the name of Jesus because the "Naked Preacher," a linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, made evangelism great again. Here are five ways we can also.

How to Honor Disrespectful People

None of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean we are to withhold honor from people who are dishonorable.

How To Be Creative on a Deadline

Creativity takes far more courage than most people realize, especially on a deadline.

Which Nutty Christians to Unfriend on Facebook

A while back, I said “that’s it” and began to unfriend crazy Christians “friends” like I was on crack. Since I thought that you, my dear friends, might want to do the same, I took notes.

The Difference Between Prophets and Narcissists

At times, a true prophet may sound like a narcissist and the narcissist can sound prophetic. Here's how you can tell the difference.

Can a Christian Marry a Non-Christian?

Can a Christian marry a non Christian? The truth is that it's far better to live without a spouse and within the company of the church than with someone who is living for a life that’s not eternal.

The Simplest Way To Impact Your Community Right Now

Christians have always taken hospitality seriously, and because they have, the gospel has been able to take root as it spreads through displaced Christians who are welcomed into the homes and lives of others.

Finding Balance When Everything Seems Like a “Big Deal”

Senior leaders are called to the work of finding balance all the “big deals” within an organization. As a leader, I have to consistently remind myself one person’s big deal may not be another person’s big deal.

Keeping Kids Busy While Limiting Screen-Time

As a work-from-home-mother of a young child, I am raising a screen-time kid. But here are some of my favorite go-to resources for getting things done without relying on screens!

Hell Is Our Default Destination

God created us for heaven, but the rebellion of the human race, in which we are all participating, has destined us for hell. Hell, not heaven, is our default destination.

Heaven Celebrates Every Repentant Sinner

Just before he told of the prodigal son, Jesus said, “There will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

4 More Ways Strategic Ministry Leaders Think Differently

A ministry strategy is great. A ministry strategy with continued strategic thinking is even better.  It is possible, and common, for a ministry leader to implement a strategy and then fail to think strategically.

When Peace and Unity Seem Impossible

When we pursue peace, our love for others is more than just surface-level platitudes. We invest ourselves emotionally in the pain of our brothers and sisters. We share it and bear it because people won’t care what you have to say until they are convinced you really care for them.

Will I Be Fully Accepted With No Judgment at Your Church as a Gay Man?

My question is, would I be fully accepted with no judgment and fully welcome and able to serve at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church?

South Carolina Youth Pastor Allegedly Films Woman Showering, Arrested for Voyeurism

Officials at First Baptist Church Gowensville confirmed that the church immediately terminated the employment of Daniel Kellan Mayfield after his arrest for alleged voyeurism last weekend.

Jessie Cruickshank: What the Western World Is Missing About Discipleship

Jessie Cruickshank joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how brain science supports what the Bible reveals about how people are truly transformed—and what is lacking in the approach many church leaders take toward discipleship.

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