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Church Planting

Strategies To Launch a Healthy Church

Important for launching a healthy church is strategizing around each phase of the Church Life Cycle.

How the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Could Change Church Planting

While many themes are pertinent to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, here is what their story can teach us about what the future of church planting in North America should look like.

3 Perspectives on How to Start a Church With Little to No Money

When it comes to how to start a church, two things are certain: (1) God can provide, and (2) people matter more than money.

What You Can Learn Every Time You Unsubscribe Email

My email purge is reasonably straightforward: I filter my inbox, searching for emails originating from a mailing list. At the bottom of each message is the word I'm searching for: "unsubscribe." But what can I learn from the process?

How To Avoid Digital DIY – 5 Great Resources

The problem of digital DIY is we spend hours watching tutorials on web development only to realize we’ve ruined our entire website with that one accidental line of code.

Why Not Everyone Is a Church Planter

Just because you are a successful pastor or leader doesn't mean you'll be a good church planter.

Killing Ourselves in Jesus’ Name

Scott Thomas addresses the burnout issue among pastors and church leaders.

5 Characteristics Every Church Planter Needs

There are some unique qualifications for church planters.

‘As the 47th President, [Trump] Will Keep His Word,’ Franklin Graham...

Just before former President Donald Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee on Thursday night, evangelist Franklin Graham led everyone in prayer.

Digital Expert Brad Hill Shares With Ed Stetzer What ‘Spiritually Open’...

Brad Hill joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain just how valuable a resource the internet can be for pastors and why digital ministry is not merely an on-ramp to get people into church.

Church Planting