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I Never Expected to Doubt

I had been experiencing doubt about God’s existence and the Christianity I had believed to be true my whole life. But until that moment, I didn’t realize how deeply that doubt had wrapped itself around my mind.
bloom where you're planted

Is Bloom Where You’re Planted Advice From the Bible or Grandma?

"Bloom where you're planted" has the folksy appeal of Grandma’s loving advice. Its origins going back to a common French saying from the 16th century. But is it in the Bible?
mental health challenges

Can Someone Be Spiritually Healthy and Still Experience Mental Health Challenges?

“Can someone (a) embrace the gospel, (b) practice spiritual disciplines, display (c) personal devotion and (d) devout character, and (e) have a robust theology and still experience mental health challenges?”
politically divisive

3 Ways We Should Live in a Politically Divisive Time

The good news is that we are not the only Christians to live in a politically divisive time, so thankfully we can learn from those who have gone before us.
planting churches

5 Essential Ingredients for Planting Churches

Growing larger isn’t the most beautiful part of our story. It’s that we’ve managed to spread out and multiply by planting churches.
second chance

The Church Must Be a Place of the Second Chance … Starting with Returning...

In a culture so focused on dismissing people who have made mistakes, the Church has an opportunity to reflect something very different—forgiveness and second chances.
connect with God

9 Ways to Connect With God

This week we’re celebrating a new release of Sacred Pathways: Nine Ways to Connect with God. It has a new cover and a new section that explores the pathways in light of the increasing focus on the Enneagram.
criminal record

Christians Should Change How They Talk About People With a Criminal Record

Language changes culture, and culture changes law, not the other way around. And if we as Christians don’t change the culture, who will? There are 1 in 3 adults with a criminal record in the United States today facing untold obstacles to a second chance after paying their debt to society.
revival in America Why the North American Church Is Unlikely to Experience Revival

Why the North American Church Is Unlikely to Experience Revival

While revival is a gift of God, our church culture doesn’t exhibit some of the characteristics that have preceded God’s great movements. Here are seven thoughts on why we may not see revival in America any time soon.
change and transformation

The Difference Between Change and Transformation

Change and transformation are connected, though. Every transformation requires changes, but not all changes are transformational.
following jesus

7 Truths About Following Jesus That Will Change Your Life

Following Jesus no longer seems like an impossibility. Now it feels like God is empowering me to do it!

When the Church Wounds You

Every single person in ministry bears their own wounds and has their own stories of how they’ve been hurt.

The #1 Quality Non-Christians Look For

According to the research of the Barna Group, there is one quality above all others that non-Christians and lapsed Christians look for in a person with whom to talk about faith.
technology and marriage

Preparing Your Family for Church Planting

When my wife, Heather, and I felt God leading us to plant a church, questions flooded our minds. The most pressing was, “Can we do this as a family of seven?” And if so, “How do we prepare our little ones for church planting?”

What to Do if Church Volunteers Don’t Come Back for a While

Let your hard-working volunteers know that they are welcome to come back as worshipers even if they’re not ready to pitch in as volunteers yet. This should be a no-guilt, no-strings-attached, sincere offer.
power of prayer

Jesus’ Surprising Secret to the Power of Prayer

After Jesus provided a sample prayer, he continued with seven simple words that can forever change our ideas about the power of prayer.
god cares for you

15 Powerful Bible Verses About God’s Deep Personal Care for You

Do you ever feel like God is far off? Do you need Bible verses about God's care for you? That maybe he has forgotten about you? That he isn’t that involved in your life? Do you ever wonder if God really cares for you?
displaced people

Eugene Cho: How the Church Can Be a Better Evangelical Witness to Displaced People

The U.N. refugee agency reports that there are over 80 million forcibly displaced people currently in search of a home. In 2019 alone, one person suffered displacement every three seconds.
origin story

Why Your Origin Story Matters

People never tire of hearing an origin story - what turned someone’s life around, turned them away from drugs or alcohol, or changed the direction of their life.
worst sin

What Is the Worst Sin in the World?

Hint: It's not murder, rape or child molestation.

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