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spiritual rut

12 Ways to Respond in a Spiritual Rut

I wrote yesterday about signs to see if you’re in currently in a spiritual rut. Today, here are some options for getting out of the rut.
preach the gospel

By the Way, They Will Not Listen to You!

Though preaching is hard, especially today, there is nothing more rewarding than to know that the sovereign God of the universe, has raised each of us up to preach the Gospel to a dying world, and has simply asked us to faithfully convey His truth.
job transitions

Push, Pull, and Job Transitions in the Middle of a Pandemic

Whenever you consider a job transition, it is wise to consider “the push” and “the pull.” “The push” are reasons you possibly want out of your current role. “The pull” are reasons you are compelled by the new opportunity.

The Most Beautiful People Have Known Defeat

According to world-renowned grief expert, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, “The most beautiful people…are those who have known defeat, known suffering, struggle, and loss, and have found their way out of those depths.”
healthy sexuality

6 Marks of Healthy Sexuality

These six marks of healthy sexuality aren’t exhaustive; I’m sure there are many more, but here’s a short, non-scientific test to see how you and your spouse are doing in regards to sexual intimacy.
church online

The 3 Big Benefits of Church Online vs Attending Church in Person

Our family normally attends Red Rocks Church here in the great state of Colorado. But, for the last few months, "attending" has been "logging in"...
Christians with anxiety

Some Things You Should Know About Christians With Anxiety

Do you know any Christians with anxiety? For seven years I have lived with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety, and my experience has shown there are many Christians who can relate to my story.

The Lonely Crowd: Churches Dying Due to Friendlessness

I’ve lost count of the number of Christians who’ve told me they either stopped attending church or left their church to join another one because they couldn’t make any friends there.
Angela Dawson

They Call Me Mom: A Single Missionary’s Story

Ying and Ploy decided on their own to call Angela “Mom” from the very beginning. For Angela Dawson, God was making it clear that He was building a family she didn’t expect.

Spreading the Worst Infection

Are we spreading the aroma of Christ to our neighbors and children, or complaining to them about the events that have been canceled? Do we spend more time grumbling about the government, or gracing others with our steadfast hope that transcends circumstances?

10 Secrets Missionaries Won’t Tell You

Often, it is the things left unsaid that really begin to erode the passion and soul of a missionary. Here are just a few of the things missionaries won't tell you…
god cares for you

15 Powerful Bible Verses About God’s Deep Personal Care for You

Do you ever feel like God is far off? Do you need Bible verses about God's care for you? That maybe he has forgotten about you? That he isn’t that involved in your life? Do you ever wonder if God really cares for you?
face masks

Faith, Freedom, and Face Masks

Face masks matter. While there may have been confusing, conflicting reports early on during the outbreak, there is now growing evidence that face masks help reduce the transmission of droplets.

How Generous Is Your God?

When we read the Bible cover to cover focusing on this theme, we will be blown away by how lavishly generous our Lord is. Accordingly, by grace, we should experience a transformed heart that replaces joy in getting with joy in giving.
communicate less

Does Your Church Need to Communicate Less? (Maybe/Maybe Not)

Although many churches need to communicate less, there are two areas where churches need to step up their communication efforts, to do that is to communicate with a better strategy.

9 Reasons Scripture Memorization Matters

I still remember the first Bible verses I memorized decades ago. I was a young believer saved out of a non-Christian home, and the Bible was new, fresh, and alive to me then. To be honest, though, I often still need to remember why memorization matters.
according to Dungy

What Happens Off the Field Is Just as Important as On It for Christian...

According to Dungy, the show takes viewers inside the lives of players and coaches, revealing “what is important to these Christian athletes and what makes them tick.”
digital presence

How to Dignify Your Digital Presence

When I think about the church's digital presence, my mind returns to the same principles that guided the building committee years ago. I love my church's building. Perhaps absence is indeed making the heart grow fonder because I've found myself thinking a lot about that building lately.
Trust Jesus

Trusting Jesus Together

We can't pretend we're okay when we're not, that we agree when we really don't. We have to have the big, hard conversations. So what can we do? We can trust Jesus.
types of loneliness

2 Types of Loneliness … And How to Face Each Type

Facing your loneliness takes courage. And, it’s important to understand different types of loneliness, so that you can get on the right path toward meaningful connection.

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday September 18, 2020 at the age of 87. Her death came as a result of complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer.

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