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The Deficit of Discipleship: How the American Church is Off-Mission

The Deficit of Discipleship: How the American Church Is Off-Mission

The American church is off-mission. That may seem like a ridiculous statement considering the number of growing megachurches and multisite churches around the country. How could the church be off-mission with record crowds?
How Can I Be More Fruitful for Christ?

How Can I Be More Fruitful for Christ?

Do you ever feel like you aren’t doing much for the Lord? That aren't fruitful for the Lord? Are you ever tempted to envy the gifts or ministries of others?
How To Develop Relational Charisma

How to Develop Relational Charisma

Relational charisma is a kind of personal magnetism that everyone can have. If you want it, and if you are willing to work on it intentionally, it’s yours to develop.
Receiving Well: How to Welcome Your Sent Ones Back

Receiving Missionaries Well: How to Welcome Your Sent Ones Back

As church leaders, we do ourselves a disservice if we never stop and give attention to receiving missionaries back in a way that honors the Lord and is loving to our missionaries.
speak well of your spouse

How to Speak Well of Your Spouse in Public All the Time

Learning how to speak well of your spouse is vital to your relationship.  Speaking well of others, especially your spouse also matters to the health of your small group.
good churches

What the Good Churches Do Every Week Which Doesn’t Get Talked About Enough

This is what happens at tens of thousands of good churches every weekend. Enough with all that is negative about local churches. This is the story that needs to be told more often.
Kondo and the minimalists

Kondo and the Minimalists: Why Marie Kondo and Minimalism Are So Popular

Marie Kondo’s appeal goes far beyond the minimalist movement that seems more suited to spartan men than the average person. Kondo and the minimalists have a message for the church.
celebrate your anniversary

30 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Every year of marriage is something to celebrate. Here are 30 unique ways to celebrate your anniversary. Hopefully you'll find some unique ideas to help you celebrate your anniversary this year.
Remembrance of Death

The Remembrance of Death

Virtually every classic writer holds up the remembrance of death as an essential spiritual discipline. It will help us to live a life that is celebrated rather than mourned. “The man who is really concerned to live well must possess himself continually of the thought that he is not to live long.”
Three Ways We Go Wrong When Discussing Homosexuality

Three Ways We Go Wrong When Discussing Homosexuality

Historically, we in the church haven’t done a great job in discussing homosexuality, and we’ve done an even worse job caring for those experiencing this. If we look humbly and open-mindedly at what the Bible says, then...
coaching and the gospel

Coaching and the Gospel

Patrick Nix: I have always considered coaching my ministry and not just my job. It is a mission field unlike any other. As Christ-followers, we are all called to spread the gospel, and as a coach, I get the privilege of doing this in a unique way.
A Bold Yet Suspicious Witness

Muslim Heard the Gospel … Now Leading Many to Salvation

Ruslan’s* ritual Muslim prayers, which he performed five times a day, brought no relief to the ugliness he felt in his heart. But then he heard the gospel. Ruslan began sharing the gospel even before he himself came to faith.
Supernatural Counsel

How Supernatural Counsel Beats Human Counsel Every Time

The reality of Jesus and His continued presence through the ministry of the Holy Spirit means that ministry and counseling can be and should be supernatural counsel. Here's how.
Holding Hands Until The End...And How Everything Sad Comes Untrue

Holding Hands Until the End…And How Everything Sad Comes Untrue

While each intimate event has its special features, the one that speaks to me most about God, humanity, and the meaning of everything, is the one that includes a deathbed. I am welcomed to the deathbed because of my role—to shepherd, comfort, pray and speak words of life to people in their final days.
Abundant Life, Abundant Suffering

Abundant Life, Abundant Suffering

What kind of life has Jesus promised his people? Abundant life. That’s his promise in John 10:10, "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."
Alzheimers, Human Dignity, and a Church That’s Truly Pro-life

Alzheimers, Human Dignity, and a Church That’s Truly Pro-life

The way we treat those with Alzheimer’s is about the mission of the church. Alzheimer’s disease is yet another evidence of the fact that we live in a world that is fallen.
1 Thing About Faith We Often Forget

1 Thing About Faith We Often Forget

We constantly stumble over the word—faith. How do we know we have it? What does it mean to lose it? What is the one thing about faith we often forget?
How (Not) to Lose Your Soul as a Church Planter: 3 Shifts

How (Not) to Lose Your Soul in Church Planting: 3 Shifts

These key shifts help keep church planting a sacred work, and help keep the soul of the planter spiritually thriving. Embrace these shifts and you won’t lose your soul in the work of church planting.
Jesus' Parents

What Jesus’ Parents Can Teach Us About Marriage

Joseph and Mary certainly don’t often come up in conversations about Christian marriage. Perhaps they should. If we pay attention, Jesus' parents can point us toward what makes a good marriage.
How Will the World Look When It Stops Growing?

How Will the World Look When Its Population Growth Stops?

What will the world look like when population growth stops? when the world stops growing?And it will stop growing. These statistics may point to the future of Christianity in the world.

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