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Articles for Outreach & Missions

8 Reasons People Are Leaving Denominational Churches for Non-Denominational Churches

Though the information is now a decade old, it still seemed highly relevant today. In essence, the data showed that non-denominational churches are now the second largest Protestant group in America.

Is Jesus Nonviolent? A Fresh Look at the Good News

If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus. Is Jesus nonviolent? Because if Jesus is nonviolent, God is nonviolent.

Can Your Church Be Found?

Just as your church’s physical location matters, so does your church’s location on the Internet. There are 823,000 monthly searches for “churches near me.” Can your church be found?

How To Listen to Preaching

From the Scriptures and catechism, we can draw out four principles on how to listen to preaching.

10 Ways We Create an Unhealthy Culture

Just as with a healthy team environment, creating an unhealthy culture doesn’t happen without intentionality. We almost have to work at it – even when we don’t realize we are doing so.

Why We Are Unlikely to Experience Church Revival

While revival is a gift of God, our church culture doesn’t exhibit some of the characteristics that have preceded God’s great movements. Here are seven thoughts on why we may not see revival in America any time soon.

4 Things People Want From Church

One thing people want from church is to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to improve what they are doing. Is your Church a place of learning that equips the believer?

7 Simple Prayer Ideas for Daily Prayer

Learn the seven prayer ideas you see practiced consistently in Scripture when it comes to developing health in your prayer life.

19 Famous Quotes About God’s Love

Every pastor should be a herald of God's love. His toolkit should include famous quotes about god's love, because it lays at the heart of the gospel.

5 Qualities to Seek in the Heart of a Leader

Someone once asked me what I primarily look for in the hiring of a staff position. I said, without reservation, first and foremost, I look for the heart of a leader.

Can Others See Your Intentional Approach to Discipleship?

A clear, strategic, and intentional approach to ministry isn’t unholy. The opposite, in fact. Contributing to the Great Commission doesn’t happen by accident.

7 Ways to Hold On to Hope

When you hide behind your beautiful mask, you’re not doing yourself any good. You can hold on to hope when you are honest with yourself and others.

5 Short-Timers Who Don’t Really Help Church Attendance

There are five types of individuals who are most likely to not stay very long. I’m afraid there is nothing in this article that will help you keep them. But perhaps, if you have advanced warning, their departure won’t hurt so much.

5 Attacks of the Enemy on Christian Workers These Days

The enemy has always sought to turn our attention away from reaching non-believers, discipling new believers, and planting healthy churches.

4 Types of Anonymous Critics

Anonymous critics comes with leadership. In my experience, if you aren’t receiving any criticism — you probably aren’t leading.

Why Every Leader Must Understand Cultural Context

Is our cultural context as Christ-followers more like God’s people living in Israel or more like God’s people living in Babylon? How one answers that question will impact how one responds to the world around us.

What Happen When We Pray for One Another? 7 Staggering Things!

Praying for one another is part and parcel of the Christian life. Paul told the Ephesians to pray for one another and asked them to pray for him. Here's what happens when we pray for one another.

Steps to Peace With God? Maybe It’s the Shoes!

We were taught to ask, “have you made peace with God” and “have you experienced the peace of God in your life?” It often seems one generation’s emphasis is the next generation’s neglect.

Death Leads to the Good Life

It is one of the foundational paradoxes of grace. You cannot understand God’s work of redemption if you don’t pursue this theological paradox: Death leads to life.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Church

This is the second in a series of four artciles on developing a strategic plan for your church. Gavin Adams guides us through the process.

Matt Chandler, Part 2: How Parents Can Make the Most of...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how parents can use time, moments and milestones to point their children to the goodness of God.

Articles for Outreach & Missions