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New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Church

We make resolutions because we want to bring change to bear on our circumstances. We want to improve ourselves and our quality of life. And the top resolutions, for most people, tend to revolve around the same three poles: money, health and family. #resolutions

Can We Trust Scientific Experts?

We can trust science but only if we know what science is. Most of assume science provides certainty about the world around us. It does not. It is not meant to. And by its very nature, science can only provide probable answers to our questions—never certain ones.
fulness of joy

The Fulness of Joy Is More Than a Feeling

When we talk about joy, it’s more often than not a conversation about our emotions. But recently I’ve also been thinking about the fulness of joy, and it's a more dimly lit experience.
church attendance

Five “Short-Timers” Who May Not Stay Long at Your Church

There are five types of individuals who are most likely to not stay very long. I’m afraid there is nothing in this article that will help you keep them. But perhaps, if you have advanced warning, their departure won’t hurt so much.
pet sin

Do YOU Have a Pet Sin?

Every one of us probably also has a sin we rather enjoy, a sin we refuse to put to death. In fact, we may even protect and promote it. We might refer to it as a pet sin.
going to church

Why a Lot of Professing Christians Never Attend Church

If you quit going to church for a whole year and don't regret your actions, you should just admit, “I’m not a Christian and don’t believe all that Bible stuff. Church is for people who take the Lord seriously."

Four Goals to Avoid in the New Year

A new year is dawning and for many people this is the golden moment for a fresh start, new aspirations, and grand goals for 2021. Many Americans will write out resolutions focused on wealth, comfort, enjoyment, and status.

Blessed Are the Horoscope Readers

Blessed are the horoscope readers who discover their true destiny is written not in the stars, but in the Lamb’s book of life.
full time ministry

All Christians Are Called to Full Time Ministry

If you call yourself a Christian, your agenda is now filled with an all-consuming calling from Christ himself to full time ministry.
does god forgive abortions

Abortion Is Not an Unforgivable Sin

Have you ever asked the question, "Does God forgive abortions?" Several of my own dear friends have had abortions. Each one now carries heavy regret and deep sadness. Women need to know that abortion is not an unforgivable sin.
Bible reading

Reading Scripture in 2021: Focus on Quality Over Quantity

As we approach the New Year, many believers are considering Bible reading plans. This is good and right, since God calls His people to be men and women, boys and girls of His word.

What Does the Bible Say About Singleness?

If you’re single, I know you often hear messages about how marriage completes people. I’m sure you’ve even heard it in the church. But that is a deeply-held myth that is dispelled throughout the Bible.

Christianity Without Repentance Isn’t Christianity

The word repent is one that doesn’t sit too well with many people around the world. What is intended to be a gift and opportunity to encounter the grace of God has now become something individuals cringe at.

Why We Need to Labor to Keep Christianity Falsifiable

If I share that God has told me the Jaguars will win the Super Bowl, and encourage others to take action upon this prophecy, and when some other team (the Browns?) win in 2020, I should never be allowed to pastor again until deep repentance has happened.

The Essence of Jesus (According to Jesus)

There may be no better and more complete summary of who Jesus is and what he is like than his seven “I AM” statements from John’s gospel. #Jesus #IAM
New Years Resolution

The New Years Resolution We All Need

The New Years Resolution We All Need- Christians should be the best at the habit of seek first to understand. #NewYearResolution

The Surprising Gift of Solitude

Perhaps the highest goal of solitude would be to emerge from it, like Merton, with a renewed awareness of all we missed while shut inside our homes.

Husbands, Use Your Power to Bless

Husbands: Whatever power you have in the relationship should be used to honor and serve your wife, not exploit her. Live with her in an understanding way: If she’s emotionally wired differently than you, don’t despise that. Seek to understand her. Learn her love language. Love her on her terms.

Do The Teshuva: The Dance of Repentance

From the Charleston to Flossing to whatever’s next, every dance move needs a name; but if you want to do the Teshuva, you’ll need a rabbi to show you how. Teshuva is the Hebrew word for repent, or return.
church dropouts

Thom Rainer: 6 Early Warning Signs of Church Dropouts

One of the most significant reasons for stagnating and declining attendance is church dropouts. The most challenging problem is that church dropouts rarely return.

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