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asking for help

The Risk of Asking for Help and How to Do It Wisely

For every risk there is in asking for help, there is out there some reward. I witness a lot of pain in my work, but I ALSO witness the beautiful handiwork of angels showing up in unexpected ways.
praying against the coronavirus

Praying Against the Coronavirus

Praying against the Coronavirus starts with belief. You and I must believe that God can end the Coronavirus. Let’s take our prayers up a notch to take down this virus.

Conflict That Builds Up and Doesn’t Tear Down

Biblical peace is none of these things. Rather, biblical peace is something that we make by engaging in healthy, redemptive, life-giving conflict when necessary—especially with those whose actions and patterns are hurting us, other people, and/or them.

6 Ways We Make Life Harder Than It Needs to Be

Our lives are much more complicated than they need to be. Our struggles reveal more about our eternity amnesia than it does about the world around us.
church website cost

What Does A Church Website REALLY Cost?

You've been asked to get all the information on what does a church website cost? You can make an informed decision on whether the cost of a church website is worth it for your church.
your heart

Proverbs 4:23 … Keep Your Heart

Introspection needs to start with your heart. The heart is the key to your soul and the source of your actions. It, above all else, must not be lost, or all is lost.

How Your Space Speaks: Who Is Welcome Where?

In my research on age segregation and integration, I ran across a discussion on how spaces, public spaces and private spaces, had become spaces that were generationally-specific by design and intent.
conspiracy theories

American Evangelicals Must Stop Spreading Lies About COVID-19

Truth matters and lies kill, argues Christian doctor Adrian Warnock in this message to his social media followers who have been promoting conspiracy theories. Western...
worst sin

What Is the Worst Sin in the World?

Hint: It's not murder, rape or child molestation.
distinguished professor

Rebekah Naylor Named First Female Distinguished Professor at SWBTS

Rebekah Ann Naylor, a longtime medical missionary to India, has been appointed distinguished professor of missions in the Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Ownership for Spiritual Growth

Transferring Ownership for Spiritual Growth

This new transfer of wealth won’t have money at the center of it, but it will instead be focused on transferring ownership for spiritual growth to individuals.
live out their faith

8 Habits of Christians Who Live Out Their Faith Every Day, Not Just on...

The danger today is that in our excess of choice, we’ll choose everything and allow things that matter most to drown in our flooded schedules.
have a better website

How to Have a Better Website in One Cup of Coffee

In about the time you can finish your morning cup of coffee, there are some universally-effective things you can do to have a better website. Here are five tips to enhance your church’s website.
Romans 12

Six Characteristics of Gospel-Shaped Love

There are six characteristics of gospel-shaped friendship from Romans 12 that, if the church adopted well, would attract people more than great music or special services.
qualifications of elders

The Church Needs Fewer Men Who Feel “Called” to Ministry

I thought the biblical qualifications for elders were easily met the moment I experienced a subjective feeling that I was called to ministry. I was wrong.
curse you

How Dangerous Is Your Money?

Money will either bless you or curse you. Money is a tool that can reveal what the desire of your heart is.
encouraging statements

8 Encouraging Statements From Church That Still Bring Me Joy, and the Lessons I...

I can't help but think about the many, many encouraging statements I’ve heard as a pastor. Here are some that still lighten my heart today.

Don’t Get Through Your Singleness; Leverage It

Those whom God has called to singleness — whether for a season or for their whole life—he will supply with all the necessary graces to live a happy and fulfilled life in it.
deal with grief

How to Deal With Grief Using Two Helpful Guidelines

As you deal with grief, it requires insight + emotion. It’s important to build structures that allow time for you to acknowledge your grief with God, others, and yourself. Here are some examples of how to deal with grief.

8 Reasons I Stopped Stressing About Losing My Salvation

We have been sealed with authority of King Jesus by the Spirit. The Spirit is a down payment guaranteeing our future redemption. Find comfort in all 8 reasons.

Latest News

Churches Hit Home Run With Services in Ballparks and Stadiums as...

South Bend City Church—a 4-year-old church that draws on a number of Christian traditions for its music, messages and mantras — has been meeting at the minor league ballpark since the novel coronavirus pandemic threw a curveball into large gatherings like worship services.

New Podcasts

Esau McCaulley: Why Do We Treat Racism Differently Than Other Sins?

"If things like lust and greed and materialism are sins that recur," says Esau McCaulley, "then why wouldn't racism be a sin that recurred that requires the entirety of our energy?"