Articles for Outreach & Missions

Articles for Outreach & Missions

Articles for outreach & missions help outreach leaders in churches face daunting cultural and leadership challenges. More than ever, outreach pastors need leadership resources and outreach resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these challenging times. is dedicated to providing resources and information for every outreach pastor and leader. If you serve on a church staff as a leader of outreach ministries, you’ll find must-have outreach resources and connections to a community of outreach leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide. Outreach leaders from every denomination find articles for outreach & missions, encouragement, inspiration, teaching tips, and support they are looking for here at Join millions of leaders who look to us for resources and encouragement for church outreach leadership. Leading your outreach ministry is not only about teaching and building relationships, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

types of churches

The Great Commission and Three Types of Churches

When it comes to obeying the Great Commission, there are three types of churches. Which type is your church?
Christian my whole life

Is the Statement, ‘I’ve been a Christian my whole life’ a Lie?

If you’ve been around church culture for any length of time, you’ve most likely heard someone answer the question:  “How long have you been a...

Three Ways We Hide From God and Others

Let’s have a show of hands—who has had a “naked-in-public” dream? Come on, admit it. I bet just about everyone has, including me. You know...
pray for our president

Should We Pray for the President?

Should we pray for our president? When answering this question, we would do well to remember the political realities of the early centuries.
being a missionary

10 Heartaches of Being a Missionary

Being a missionary comes with its own set of heartaches, as we were reminded of recently by one of our readers. We know there is a lot of joy in being a missionary, but we also don't want to forget about the struggles many missionaries go through.

5 Ways to Give to Your Team Without Paying Them More

What are the best ways to give to your team? Is pay the only way to motivate people? When I was starting out in leadership, I thought it was. Apparently not. As studies increasingly show, money isn’t the motivator most of us think it is.
Christian Monks

Meet the Missionary Monks

Christian monks from the early and medieval church played a big role in forging a path for Christianity to spread. Their dedication to living simple lives of service made them ideal for cross-cultural missions work.

I Disagree With You. But I Want to Work With You.

How do you get pastors to work together when they disagree about doctrine, practice, and what they should do together?
5 Dangers of Being Deprived of an Involved Father

5 Dangers of Being Deprived of an Involved Father

An absent father has physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual consequences on a child. And the benefits of having an involved father are remarkable.
singles events

Churches, Give Your Singles Space to Mingle

Even well-meaning church leaders might be unaware of the pain a lot of Christian singles feel when it comes to finding a potential spouse. The church can step in to create singles events that are just the right balance of intentionality and fluidity.
Rejoicing During Affliction and Unhappiness

Rejoicing During Affliction and Unhappiness

Many of us think Christians are supposed to always be happy, and if you’re not, something’s wrong with you or your faith. We even...
We Need Truth More Than Ever

We Need Truth More Than Ever

Billy Graham passed away in early 2018 nearly 100 years after he was born. That day, America—and the world, really—lost one of the greatest...
studying your bible

8 Blessings of Studying Your Bible

Studying your Bible can sometimes feel burdensome, difficult, confusing and unexciting. But these wonderful blessings come when you are willing to do so.
Why Trying to Reach Everybody Is a Really Bad Evangelism Strategy

Why Trying to Reach Everybody Is a Really Bad Evangelism Strategy

It’s so hard not to do it. I’ve done it. Maybe you’ve also done it as a church leader. The problem? Thinking that the goal of...
spiritual indifference

Satan Will Sing You to Sleep, Waking Up From Spiritual Indifference

“You don’t tell people about Jesus, because you don’t care about their eternal state.” His assertion stung. But I knew it was true. Confronted with...
quality leader

How to Develop the Indispensable Quality of Leadership

What makes a quality leader? Character. Without it, few will follow you, at least not for long. You can’t buy it, earn a degree in it, or borrow it. But you can develop it!
spiritual revival

A Brief History of Spiritual Revival and Awakening in America

"America has a deep, rich history of revivals and awakenings."
a good marriage

If a Potential Spouse Doesn’t Have This, Please Think Twice About Marrying Him/Her

When it comes to choosing the right partner for marriage, there are no silver bullets. However, if your potential spouse doesn't have this quality, your chances of a good marriage dwindle significantly.
event evangelism

How Events Help People Share the Mission

One of the tools we can use for training people to get comfortable talking with others, inviting them to our weekend worship gatherings, and...
women watching porn

Women Use Porn Too

"Pornography is a spiritual problem rooted in the deceitfulness of idolatry—and like all idolatry, we need one another in the fight."

Latest News

This Pastor Saved a Woman’s Life by Donating His Liver

When a pastor in Illinois heard that the mom of a girl connected with his church had been diagnosed with cancer and needed a liver transplant, he made a remarkable decision. After talking with his wife, he decided to be tested to see if he could make a liver donation. 

New Podcasts

Craig Gross Has High Praise for the Spiritual Use of Cannabis

“I think Christians sit on the sidelines of a lot of conversations," says Craig Gross. Craig's latest venture is a Christian cannabis website, and this week on our podcast, he talks about his personal journey with using marijuana and why it's important for Christians not to be afraid of this topic.