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being a pastor's wife

Kay Warren on the Sacred Privilege of Being a Pastor’s Wife

Even though we experience a variety of cultures, pastors’ wives need the same encouragement, inspiration and direction to become resilient in the reality of the pluses and minuses, ups and downs, joys and sorrows that come with a life of being a pastor's wife.
Response to the Gospel Evident in the Balkans, Despite Challenges

Response to the Gospel Evident in the Balkans, Despite Challenges

Despite challenges, missionaries see that younger generations are showing an openness to stepping away from their strong links of national and religious identity. Within the Balkans, God is at work and more laborers are needed for the harvest.
kind of man

The Kind of Man I’d Like to Become

Increasingly as I get older I have a different set of dreams. Here are some of the aspects of the kind of man I'd like to become.
Easter Sunday

31 Ideas for Your Church’s Easter Sunday Impact

With some pre-planning for your Easter program, you can bring people back whom otherwise you might not see again for another year from Easter. Discover 31 Easter ideas for your church's Easter Sunday impact.
Hospitality as a Single?

How Do I Show Hospitality When I’m Single?

Hospitality as a single can be surprising. I find that people in the church are often surprised to see a single person practicing hospitality.  I’ve never understood why.
Are You a Functioning Atheist?

Are You a Functioning Atheist?

I’m concerned with the level of functional atheism that exists in the church of Jesus Christ. Yes, we believe that God exists, that he created the heavens and the earth, that the Bible is accurate, and that paradise awaits, but we often live—at a functional level—as if there is no God.
4 Steps to Not Overreact to the Disgruntled Attendee

4 Steps to Not Overreact to the Disgruntled Attendee

As a leader you are forced to make decisions, and if your church or company is bigger than you, these decisions will inevitably be upsetting to someone--the disgruntled attendee for one. Decisions have a way of upsetting the status quo.
Know Jesus

Think You Don’t Need a Church to Know Jesus? Think Again

If you think you don’t need a church to know Jesus, then you don’t understand how the body works. The body only works when it is connected. We are interdependent.
biblical husband

10 Things God Asks of a Biblical Husband

Everything I aspire to be as a husband is because of what the Bible calls me to be. And since Jesus was never married, I have to take the bulk of my instruction as a biblical husband from the other words of Scripture, which I take to be as authoritative as the “red letters” of Jesus.
The Experience Economy

The Experience Economy

We are seeing the experience economy take root as never before. Let's put forward an experiential faith.
Christians So Mean?

Why Are Christians So Mean?

Dallas Willard said Christians are mean in proportion to when they value being “right” over being “like Christ.”
Counting Your Blessings

Why You Should Make a Daily Habit of Counting Your Blessings

Count your blessings, name them one by one; count your many blessings see what God has done.” There is a world of theological wisdom in that short stanza. Imagine how much fuller our Christian lives and service would be if we would simply count God’s many blessings—giving Him thanks for each of them.

Being Shaped by the Word

More than any other group of writers in church history, the Puritans show us how to shape our entire lives and preaching by the Holy Scriptures.

Helping Wayward Friends

If you want to help a wayward friend be restored to Jesus, be ready to bring Jesus' Word to your friend. Study the Scriptures, learn the gospel backward and forward, memorize helpful passages, plan what Bible stories you might read with them, and be bold.
Sermon Based Small Groups: Yes or No

Sermon Based Small Groups: Yes or No

More and more churches seem to be moving to a sermon-based curriculum for their small groups. That is, they review and study the same text the pastor preached on the previous Sunday. On the other hand, I’ve met church leaders who oppose this approach.
Believe the Gospel

9 Reasons Our Families and Friends Don’t Believe the Gospel

Obstacles to the gospel have not changed much over time. Chuck Lawless gives some reasons why he believes people struggle with believing the gospel.
message of jesus

The #1 Thing Every Church Can Do to Grow

There is one thing that is arguably the most important thing a church can do if it wants to grow and spread the message of Jesus —besides pray, that is.

Loneliness in the US, the UK, the Garden of Eden, and the Church

The former Surgeon General is on a crusade against loneliness because of the damage that loneliness produces in people’s lives. According to him, loneliness is the biggest health problem facing our country.
17 Biblical Ways to Glorify God With Your Life

17 Biblical Ways to Glorify God With Your Life

Thomas Watson has some timeless advice for helping us to glorify God in our lives. This list was first printed in 1692 in his bestselling classic, A Body of Practical Divinity.
substance abuse

The Christian’s Call to Care for Addictive Populations

When Jesus called us to care “for the least of these” (Matt. 25:40), I believe it includes those who are in destitute and destructive situations. Being present in the lives of those who struggle with substance abuse addiction provides us with a beautiful opportunity to love people in the midst of their affliction and point them to the One in whom true satisfaction is found.

Latest News

Paycheck Protection for Pastors: What You Need to Know

Paycheck Protection Program loans can be used for paying employee wages, benefits, and retirement funds. In a clarifying statement, the White House said churches and other religious organizations are eligible for these loans.

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"Suffering is not an elective," says Ken Boa. But even though we are guaranteed to experience pain in life, by God's grace we can still move toward joy.