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Articles for Outreach & Missions

Can Your Church Be Found?

Just as your church’s physical location matters, so does your church’s location on the Internet. There are 823,000 monthly searches for “churches near me.” Can your church be found?

5 Tips For An Engaging Website

In today’s world, your church’s digital presence allows you to reach people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Here are the five essential ingredients to serve up the best online engagement and connect more people to your church.

4 Groups Your Hybrid Church Can Better Reach

The pandemic revealed that digital tools can reach people where they are, and church leaders are realizing that many people would be better served with a hybrid model of church.

The Bible Is Sufficient for Everything We Face

Does God want His Word to be seen as just a good encyclopedia of information to be added to our research list, or does He want us to view the Bible is sufficient for all that we face?

10 Ways to Fight Like a Christian

Ephesians 4:29 and the surrounding passage show us ten ways that we can handle conflict well — ten ways to fight like a Christian.

How the Presence of God Fuels Our Mission

When we understand that the presence of God is at work in the world, and the church—as a people—is called to be faithful to his presence through Jesus Christ, our understanding of mission is revitalized.

We Owe the World Safe Churches

The hard work is always going to be in the direction of fighting to create safe churches. It's critical to our calling and mission.

You Are Wonderfully Made

All this to say, Christian, look at yourself as the amazing specimen of the Divine Architect, and praise God for how wonderfully made you are.

Why Everyone Needs Compassion

Why Everyone Needs Compassion - If the Bible was a party, Ecclesiastes would be the party pooper.

4 Rules for Christian Fight Club

Athanasius, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and many others were willing to throw down over truth. They were great precisely because they could argue, not despite it. Call it the rules of Christian fight club.

Glenn Packiam: Why Christians Avoid the Phrase Supernatural God

Christians believe in a Triune God who created the cosmos, and who stands in some way outside of it, or beyond it. But is that a supernatural God?

Was George Whitefield a Christian?

The following is an expansion of a lecture delivered to Midwestern Seminary students on the recent New England Study Tour at the Old South...

7 Reasons Why Prayers Are Not Answered

God is not a cosmic genie who promises to answer every request if we just believe strongly enough in His power.

Can Others See Your Intentional Approach to Discipleship?

A clear, strategic, and intentional approach to ministry isn’t unholy. The opposite, in fact. Contributing to the Great Commission doesn’t happen by accident.

What I Teach at Our New Members Class

Every new members class should communicate three key points about your church: information, doctrine and expectations.

5 Truths We Need for Church Revival

It's time to wake up to the need for church revival and spiritual awakening. It's time to answer the Holy Spirit's wake up call!

Settle This In Your Hearts

Settle this in your hearts: the Promiser is faithful. The covenant stands fast and everlasting love abides.

What Is Christian Meditation?

I propose the following definition: Christian meditation is the focused contemplation of the renewed mind upon the treasury of divine truth.

Why Every Leader Must Understand Cultural Context

Is our cultural context as Christ-followers more like God’s people living in Israel or more like God’s people living in Babylon? How one answers that question will impact how one responds to the world around us.

Why Do Churches Resist Change (And What You Can Do About It)

The bringing of order creates the organization but also  simultaneously slows the creative, leadership elements of change. This happens in every organization, but churches resist change even more, or so it seems.

Alan Hirsch: The Church Needs To Stop Making Jesus in Its...

Alan Hirsch joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about why he believes the American church is out of alignment with Jesus and what we need to do to put our focus back on him.

Articles for Outreach & Missions