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Articles for Outreach & Missions

How to Attract a Leader – And How to Keep One!

How to attract a leader? Great question. I have a simple solution. This is the number one principle, in my opinion, for attracting leaders.

Don’t Grow Weary in the Spiritual Battle

The fact is you and I are in a battle.  But, it is not a battle of finances, physical health, time management, or anything of the physical realm. It’s a spiritual battle and it is real.

Tom Rainer: Autopsy of a Dead Church

It's not pleasant to perform an autopsy of a dead church. My friend from the church called to tell me the news. I took no pleasure in discovering that not only was my diagnosis correct, I had mostly gotten right all the signs of the impending death of the church.

The Spillover Effect of True Revivals

Is God on the move at Asbury University? Here’s a simple litmus test.

John MacArthur on Creation: Darwin Was an Agent of Satan

John MacArthur challenged every Christian who believes in evolution that science has nothing to say about creation. Preaching out of the early chapters of Genesis, MacArthur showed how God alone was witness to the beginning of the universe.

‘The Thorn’: A Case Study in Using the Arts To Spread the Gospel

The experiences of John and Sarah Bolin, creators of “The Thorn,” prove that the performing arts offer unique opportunities for sharing the salvation message. Their brainchild, which began as a youth group presentation, has blossomed into a 25-year project and thousands of commitments for Christ. 

10 Traits of a Real Man

What is a "real man"? Our society has a lot of answers to this question, but what if our culture is grossly misleading us? Here are 10 true traits of a man.

Christians Aren’t Called To Pull Weeds But To Sow Seeds

You and I are not called to pull weeds. We are called to sow seeds.

Is There Forgiveness Without Repentence?

The word repent is one that doesn’t sit too well with many people around the world. What is intended to be a gift and opportunity to encounter the grace of God has now become something individuals cringe at.

20 Easy Ways to Be a Self Righteous Christian

Self righteous behavior can be hard to pick out of a lineup. Check yourself with this quick guide.

7 Leadership Guarantees From Ron Edmondson

I have some emphatic statements to make. I’m calling them leadership guarantees. These leadership guarantees are true. Emphatically. Or, at least I’m 97.9% sure.

‘The Thorn’ Creator John Bolin on Christians in the Arts

ChurchLeaders recently discussed the role of Christians and the arts with John Bolin, creator of “The Thorn.” The Gospel-centered live show has led to more than 100,000 commitments for Christ during the past 25 years. This spring, a movie version of “The Thorn” debuts in theaters nationwide March 6 and 7.

Is Porn a Sin? 8 Sins You Commit Every Time You Watch

Is porn a sin? When you open your browser and begin to look at those images and videos, you are sinning in ways that go far beyond lust.

6 Reasons to Sit in a Different Seat at Church This Weekend

When sitting in church, most of us have a habit of going to the same place every Sunday. But here are some reasons why you and I should sit in a different spot in church this weekend.

Thom Rainer: 7 Secrets of Healthy Churches

Thom Rainer: Has your church had a health exam lately? How would it fare in your honest assessment of these seven secrets of healthy churches?

All Evangelism Is Important – But Is it Equal?

All evangelism is important but all evangelism is not equal. There is a difference between a church having an evangelistic invitation (e.g., altar call) during a worship gathering and a church sending members to share the gospel with unreached people groups.

4 Types of Bad Friends That Are Bad for Your Marriage

Bad friends can be bad for your marriage. Friends play an extremely important role in our lives, and this remains true after we’re married...

4 Steps to Diffusing Social Media Tension

The key to diffusing social media tension comes from scripture: “do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) Treat others with respect and model behaviors and values that encourage positive posting from your followers.

How Do We Best Help the Poor and Needy in Our Communities?

It's harder to effectively help the poor and needy if you don't know them. Here's how you can truly help those in your community who have very real physical and spiritual needs.

6 Things to Do When You Worry About What People Think

I worry too much about what others think. Sometimes when I walk into a room, I think all eyes look at me, and all people think about me. I believe they judge what I wear, what I look like, and what kind of mood I’m in.

Tennessee Library Director Fired for ‘Negative Pushback’ During Kirk Cameron Book...

On March 15, Hendersonville Public Library director Allan Morales was terminated due to the “unkind pushback” he demonstrated to Kirk Cameron’s children’s book reading.

Nick Hall on Asbury, Gen Z and Why He Believes ‘God...

Nick Hall joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about what he witnessed at Asbury University, the signs of true revival, and why he believes God is moving in a special way.

Articles for Outreach & Missions