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Articles for Outreach & Missions

10 Reasons Why a Small Church Tends To Stay Small

Want your church to reach people? Avoid these pitfalls.

7 Keys To Starting a New Ministry

When God calls you into starting a new ministry, He gives you the ability to do the job. Let me share what I’ve learned from my personal experience.

Astonished at Another Gospel!

You can be astonished by something bad. And that’s exactly where we find the apostle Paul with the Galatians. He was astonished at them.

How God Brought Jessica Clancy Through Trauma and Abuse to a Place of Spiritual Renewal

In her book, "The Quest for Family," Jessica Clancy describes her upbringing with brutal honesty, explaining how Jesus pursued her through a variety of life experiences, including abuse and trauma.

7 Signs You Are a Counterfeit Christian

What are qualities of a counterfeit Christian? This question is important. Much like fake money, fake Christians have no value.

5 Fascinating Lessons From a ‘Secret’ Guest in Church Worship Services

The guests showed up to your church worship services, but they never returned. Has that ever happened in your church? You speak with someone who is visiting for the first time. You try to be friendly. But you never see them again.

Pleasing God Means Finding Your Purpose

Here is a form of pleasing God. Sometime in the past, God made a plan to devote Paul to a special purpose. This happened before Paul was even born. And this pleased God.

Scripture for Anxiety – The Best Cure I Know

Using Scripture for anxiety can turn a debilitating situation into an empowering one. Using Scripture for anxiety can turn a debilitating situation into an empowering one.

Leading Your Heart Through Spiritual Battle

Spiritual battle calls for clear-headed diagnosis and strategic response. Ignoring it will eventually leave you exhausted and depleted, which is no way to lead forward. Your enemy wants you to lead from an empty, confused, foggy place.

All Christians Are Called to Full Time Ministry

If you call yourself a Christian, your agenda is now filled with an all-consuming calling from Christ himself to full time ministry.

How to Create Connection Content Is Everywhere

The early church would create connection around things like content. What if we brought this approach to our churches today?

Top 7 Reasons Guests Come Back to Church

What are the most common reasons people come back to church after their first visit or two? Put your energy here.

Sorrowful but Rejoicing Always

Along with the great joy from this season, it was also full of pain. And it’s hit on many levels. In them all I learned what it meant to be sorrowful but rejoicing.

Effective Prayers for Evangelism

Prayers for evangelism not only opens the door for effective outreach but it also prepares our hearts to evangelize more effectively.

Is Being Rich a Sin?

Money. Loot. Moola. Scratch. Greenbacks. Dough. Bank. Benjamins. Wad. Shekels. Bills. Dead presidents. Is being rich a sin?

Do Your Emails Make Matters Worse?

If you want to make matters worse with people you know or within your organization or church, these 12 practices will definitely get the results you want.

When Is Satan’s Birthday? (And Other Halloween Issues)

“Daddy, when is satan's birthday? Is Halloween Satan’s birthday party?” I laughed out loud and said, “No. Satan doesn’t have a birthday party because Satan was never born.

8 Reasons People Are Leaving Denominational Churches for Non-Denominational Churches

Though the information is now a decade old, it still seemed highly relevant today. In essence, the data showed that non-denominational churches are now the second largest Protestant group in America.

Is Jesus Nonviolent? A Fresh Look at the Good News

If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus. Is Jesus nonviolent? Because if Jesus is nonviolent, God is nonviolent.

Can Your Church Be Found?

Just as your church’s physical location matters, so does your church’s location on the Internet. There are 823,000 monthly searches for “churches near me.” Can your church be found?

Matt Chandler, Part 2: How Parents Can Make the Most of...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how parents can use time, moments and milestones to point their children to the goodness of God.

Articles for Outreach & Missions